How to get a good look at a young, blonde woman

A lot of people think you have to be a big star, a movie star or a politician to be considered attractive.But this is not the case. It’s true that a good number of women are very attractive.But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The most common reasons for women’s

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Why does it take so long for women’s media to grow up?

By: Pradeep JhaFirst Published: Oct 04, 2017 05:38:08We are still in a time of “dreadful and unplanned transitions” in media, said Sreejesh Kumar, editor of the Women’s Media and Entertainment magazine.“There has been no change in the way women are being presented in media for decades, and this is a

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When you have a woman’s worth

Woman’s worth magazine’s editors have written an article urging readers to treat women with respect, with the caveat that some are worth far more than others.“For women with a history of mental illness, their worth is far greater than that of their peers,” the editors write in the July issue,

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How to get your next job

Women’s hockey teams are finding new ways to promote their games.As the sport’s popularity continues to grow, so too does the need for a dedicated social media platform for fans.A few of the women’s teams have partnered with Twitter to help them create and manage their social media presence.But others

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How to write for a magazine with a male editor

Magnify women and ask yourself these questions: 1.Are they women?2.Do they have enough body hair?3.Do their clothes fit well?4.Are their shoes or skirts nice?5.Do there are other women around who are like them?6.Are there any stories that I could include in the story that would make the story seem interesting?7.Is

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Why do we still love women’s mags?

When women’s media was still in its infancy, many magazines were considered niche publications.Today, it is no longer unheard of to find a magazine like Woman’s World or Woman’s Body published in major metropolitan markets.The magazine is also popular with younger women and men who like to explore and share

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How to Survive WWII, 1945

Awwwwww, I have so much to thank you for.Yours, and I hope I can do it for you too.Thank you for the time I spent reading this magazine.I hope to do the same for you, too.It has given me a great deal of pleasure and I thank you.You’re the first

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How to get over a woman who’s mad at you

A woman’s first instinct is to look for the problem and blame.But for some women, their first instinct can be to ignore the problem.“When I was a young woman, I felt like it was my fault,” says Erin, a 27-year-old marketing manager from Houston.“I had to constantly be a victim,

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Woman says Trump has ‘a lot of work to do’

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