How to read a magazine’s best women’s stories

Ars Technic’s Sarah Mott, the author of The Unpacking Guide to Women’s Magazine Culture, explains how to find the best female writers, as well as the women who are the most influential.This year, she’s highlighting a new magazine called the New Republic, which is trying to make a difference in

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What to know about the Australian stock market, in 10 words

The stock market has been a major contributor to the Australian economy for the past 20 years and the country’s economy grew by more than 1.4 per cent in the past three months.But it is not the only major sector of the economy, with the value of the mining, agriculture

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How to become a ‘women’s champion’ in 2017

This is the time of year when women are often the focus of the media, as they look for the best opportunities for their careers and the most positive role models.However, in 2017, there is more to be done to be a “true champion”.Here are some tips to make you

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What’s the real story behind Swedish women’s magazines?

By Anna Paz – 3 June 2018 – 19:56:25A new Swedish publication, “Sweden Women’s Magazine”, published in December 2018, looks to be the most interesting one to date.It has its own logo, it’s the first issue to have a cover and its one of the first publications to have an

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When it comes to women’s fashion, it’s all about the men

Women’s magazines are dying and men are still the majority of readers, the editorial director of a major fashion house has said.Fashion magazine editor-in-chief Julie Lott told The Australian the industry needed to “move forward” to address the problem of women losing influence in the industry, despite having more influence

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How to get a real, meaningful relationship with women

Women’s magazines are everywhere these days, and they are the heart of many women’s lives.And the men and women who work there are, too.Here are five tips for finding the right one for you.1.Know your target audience.You can find a magazine to suit your interests online, but don’t expect it

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How to make your own Halloween costume for women

Halloween has never been so fun.And that’s why we’ve decided to share the secrets to making your own costume for your loved one to wear this year.Here are the top tips to help you make your costume for Halloween.1.Choose the right size.The size you choose for your costume depends on

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Why are some people so sad about death?

In a bid to make sense of their own mortality, I spoke to a number of people and asked them how they felt about death and what they’d like to say to others about the process.I’ve included some of the most interesting responses below.I’ll be posting them all over the

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How to make an orgasm: The 5 key elements of a successful orgasm

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get off all day.But I don’t think I’ve figured it out yet.I’ve had this really weird feeling lately.It’s like when I’m watching a film or something, but when I see the end, it’s like, oh, my god, that was so hard to

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How to read the Women’s magazines

The best reading books for women of all ages and backgrounds.This article is part of a series of articles on reading for women.Read more…

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