Olympix generates the exclusive soccer NFTs on its crypto

SOUTH CROYDEN, UK, Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Olympix is ​​a newly established crypto platform for crypto sports enthusiasts. Following the imminent digital invasion of blockchain and everything related to it, Olympix has created a sports platform that includes NFTs and more new-age technologies to provide a meeting point for all sports lovers. In the most recent development, Football NFT was created to commemorate the King of Football, Maradona. European nationality restrictions prevented him from winning the Ballon d’Or. Olympix demonstrates through its activities that sport should be fair for everyone; this is Olympix DAO.

Olympix will build the world’s largest digital sports facility guild. Olympix partners with football clubs, non-profit organizations, charities, sports influencers and other related organizations to create NFT assets for the global sports community. Olympixball is the first capital of the guild.

In addition, Olympix will build NFT-based Metaverse sports game world, from single player tournaments to multiplayer PVP, a wide variety of games will delight all sports lovers.

Finally, Olympix is ​​to develop a decentralized sports brand, which is currently under construction. Olympix focuses on sports brands: trend, comfort and low price. In real life, the founders have a solid operational ability to ship goods quickly around the world. Focused on community development, Olympix brings together NFT arts and factories to serve global sports fans. Proceeds go to the Olympix treasury and all members holding NFTs receive passive earnings.

Based on NFT technology, Olympix will offer sports fans around the world the opportunity to see highlights through the minting of these NFTs. Fans can access and bookmark live highlights by minting NFTs and creating value as Olympix has secured exclusive copyright claims from multiple clubs. At the same time, in addition to football, there are sports facilities such as basketball, tennis and courts. But that’s not all fans can enjoy. There are many NFT based rewards such as: B. NFT leasing rewards, NFT mining rewards, NFT compounding rewards, etc. In addition to NFTs, there are esports, exclusive merchandise sales, sponsorships, and advertising.

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Another goal of Olympix is ​​to make sports accessible to all sports fans worldwide. Some disadvantaged children and young people would like to have the opportunity to participate in global sports, but circumstances do not allow them. At Olympix, football NFTs will help overcome these obstacles. NFT Minting uses Internet technology to bring people together from all over the world to participate in the game. In addition, there are initiatives such as sports clubs that help sports enthusiasts who do not have access to resources. Football is donated to children from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they too can make sport a part of their lives.

Olympix offers a barrier-free platform where NFTs, blockchain and other latest technologies enable everyone to make sport a part of their lives. More importantly, the profits belong to everyone.

For more information about the project visit the website or Discord, Twitter and stay tuned.


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