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A representative from Netflix called First murder showrunner Felicia D. Henderson to give her the bad news over the phone. His 8-episode Netflix series, a teen vampire drama that from the outside seemed to have attracted a die-hard fan base, would not get a second season.

Despite the series breaking Netflix’s global Top 10 list, quite a feat early on, the streamer’s rep went on to explain that the reason for the cancellation, according to our sister publication the envelopewas that “the completion rate was not high enough”.

As we noted in a previous post, this news predictably caused an uproar among fans. The #CancelNetflix hashtag exploded on Twitter with renewed fury. fans of First murder juxtaposed its cancellation along with such a trash movie 365 days getting not one but two sequels from the streamer.

In truth, Netflix can seem increasingly ruthless and a bit arbitrary these days when it comes to swinging the cancellation axe. For fans of the First murder However, the Netflix series certainly felt like a particularly vicious twist of the streamer’s knife the day after news of the cancellation broke.

That’s because, on Thursday, the streamer revealed that he has another embarrassing dating show on the way. dating and relatedDue out in September, it’s another in a line of Netflix series with a dating twist that already fill the streamer’s bulging library of content.

We have Netflix dating shows like, for example, one where participants go on blind dates, dressed in masks. Shows where people propose marriage, without being seen. And now?

In this new Netflix series, young men and women come together in a sprawling French villa. Where they are free to go out together, under the watchful eye, that is, of the brother of each participant. You heard right, everyone’s siblings are also available here. Y they are also trying to date other people here, themselves.

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Seriously, Netflix?

This is how the streamer describes this new Netflix series (as of September 2). “Imagine having to think about your siblings’ dates: how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are. In this new reality dating series, sibling couples will get to see each other’s love lives up close and personal as they search for “the one” together.

“Having the person who knows you better than anyone else should help you navigate the complicated world of dating. But will they act as the best companion and help you find love? Or scuttle your plans and call you out for all your bullshit? Either way, it could just be awkward. Like. Hell.”

Just a reminder, in addition to Netflix’s recent price hikes, the streamer is also cracking down on password sharing right now. And getting ready to roll out an ad-supported subscription tier, all while releasing trashy Netflix shows like dating and related. Plus of course cancel fan favorites like First murder.

Perhaps Netflix’s next dating show could star irritated streaming fans looking for love.

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