Netflix’s I Am A Killer S3 Might Be The Scariest Documentary Of 2022

We’re really on a real crime spree right now and it looks like the content will keep coming in the coming months. You may think we’ve reached our prime of documentaries, podcasts, and dramas, but really, the genre is just finding new, more chilling, and more compelling stories to tell.

Recently, new true crime documentaries have put the victim’s narrative front and center, but one Netflix documentary in particular does the opposite and actually puts the prisoner’s stories at the forefront of its narrative. I am an assasin is the joint Netflix and Crime & Investigation UK series that features interviews of prisoners on death row. It initially premiered on Netflix in 2018 and since then the two seasons have provided shocking insights, stories and anecdotes from some of the most chilling crimes.

Netflix docuseries are quite similar to the BBC’s. corridor of life and death and it is one of the only programs that fully listens to the point of view of those incarcerated. But the result of these testimonials will leave you with a variety of emotions. Many of the people incarcerated for their murders convey guilt or regret for their actions, but in some cases, some inmates are content with where they are or completely stand by their resolve to kill.

i'm a netflix killer
The official Netflix poster for the third season of I Am A Killer.

And in this new series, we can expect much of the same. Season three has been a long time coming for true crime fans and it’s been an amazing three years since the second series hit Netflix. As the synopsis says: “Critically acclaimed docuseries I am an assasin returns for a third season to examine the cases of inmates convicted of murder, either sentenced to death or destined to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

“Each episode explores the crimes at hand through gritty, intimate interviews with the men and women who committed them. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators, friends and family of victims and convicted criminals offer their perspective on the tragic events and the actors involved. New facts emerge, previously hidden motives are uncovered, strange glimpses of humanity are revealed, and bizarre twists and turns of the United States legal system are exposed. Loved ones of some victims offer forgiveness; others demand retribution.”

A roller coaster of emotions is almost guaranteed with the new series, as well as first-person accounts, insider access to the prison system and even, according to the synopsis, “exceptional collaborators” who will present “unparalleled insight into the minds and motivations of these killers.” of real life”.

We don’t have long to wait until the six-part series returns, but in the meantime, Netflix has released a new first-look trailer for I am an assasin season three.

In it, we hear a woman tell how she killed a man. She says: “This is what I remember: she was in bed but she was awake and I went to the kitchen. I was going to grab a pack of cigarettes and I didn’t grab the cigarettes, I grabbed a gun.

“Something told me to finish him off. Chris was sleeping, he was asleep on the couch, the time I shot him. And that’s the last thing I remember.”

Watch the trailer for yourself here:

That little testimonial alone is enough to give us the creeps, so we know this new series will be full of similar creepy moments. Who’s ready for a true crime-induced nightmare or two?

I am an assasin the third season will be available to stream on Netflix on August 30.

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