Netflix viewers are seriously divided after watching Keep Breathing

A new TV series has shot to the top of the Netflix charts, but those who have already tuned in to watch it are seriously divided.

Six part survival drama Keep breathing it seems to have the same effect on people as the pot: viewers either love it and rave about it, or hate it with a burning passion, and there’s no middle ground.

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Keep breathing tells the story of Liv (Melissa Barrera), a New York lawyer whose private plane crashes on the remote Canadian border. All alone in the unforgiving wilderness, Liv must battle the elements and overcome her own personal demons to survive.

On his first day on the streaming service last month, Keep breathing it jumped to number two on the charts. But after a weekend of binge-watching, the series took the top spot in several regions, including the US and UK, hitting virgin river from his throne.

As they watched Liv learn to fend for herself in the wild and relive traumatic flashbacks from her past, viewers formed their opinions about the series, and they can’t seem to agree with each other.

For some people, Keep breathing it was an infuriating watch, with too many flashbacks and hallucinations and, for those who stuck it out, a blood-boiling ending.

People either love this show or hate it.  Credit: Netflix
People either love this show or hate it. Credit: Netflix

“#KeepBreathing is a prime example of how too many flashbacks can ruin a TV show/movie,” one unimpressed viewer tweeted.

A second agreed: “Too many flashbacks and hallucinations and not enough survival.”

And a third complained: “I repeat #KeepBreathing is the worst program of all time. I wish I could get my three hours of life back.”

Disappointed after reaching the series finale, one Twitter user asked, “What kind of ending was that?”

Another admitted: “Damn I wish I’d gotten more out of the #KeepBreathing ending!”

On the other hand, many fans cannot understand the criticism at all and have argued that the show is perfect just the way it is.

A puzzled viewer asked, “Why does Netflix keep breathing getting so much hate? [?] It’s a good show, some beautiful camera shots and good pacing and you end up rooting for Liv at the end so she can live and accept and put her trauma behind her and see herself as worthy of love.”

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

A second tweeted: “For being a limited series, #KeepBreathing is so good and touching. Left me in tears and wanting more!”

Listing just a few of the topics the show touches on, a third wrote: “Childhood trauma. Mental illness. Abandonment. Deception. Nature. Survival. Resilience. Determination. Loss. Love. Growth. This is #KeepBreathing and should be a must watch.” the miniseries. To hell with the reviews.”

And a fourth simply wrote, “Wow I feel so many things after watching this. I’m not even sure what my thoughts are. I really loved this show.”

Meanwhile, some strong-minded viewers are already changing their minds after having some time to think about the series.

“So I watched #KeepBreathing on Netflix and at first I thought he crawled out and dropped my remote when I realized how it ended…screamed and everything lol,” one fan tweeted.

“But after sleeping and letting it settle, I realized that it’s not a show, it’s a free therapy session.”

So what do you think? Is this one worth watching after all, or should we skip it?

Keep breathing is available to stream on Netflix now

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