Netflix ‘Trees Of Peace’: 5 things to know about Rwandan genocide drama

Netflix is ​​a non-conformist in sourcing the most exciting and newest true story-inspired content in movies and series to satisfy the taste buds of its users. The global streamer is bringing to the screens a completely new and original true story-inspired Rwandan film titled ‘Trees Of Peace’.

If fans have loved watching these Netflix series and movies based on true incidents like ‘Wild Beauty’, ‘True Story’ and ‘Showtime 1958’, then they will surely be in awe upon seeing this adrenaline-fueled thriller that infuses the Rwandan genocide ‘Trees Of Peace’.


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When is the Rwandan film ‘Trees Of Peace’ released and where can it be seen?

The multi-award winning film ‘Trees Of Peace’ will premiere globally on June 10, 2022 on Netflix at 3:01am EST.

What is ‘Trees of Peace’ about?

The film tells about the horrific event that is the Rwandan genocide of the Tutsi minority ethnic group by armed soldiers that shook the entire world in 1994. It revolves around four women from different backgrounds. These four women named Annick (Elliane Umuhire), Jeannette (Charmaine Bingwa), Peyton (Ella Cannon) and Mutesi (Bola Koleosho), all petrified by the genocides, hide under a small hiding place under a kitchen area. As they stand together, they all form unbreakable bonds of sisterhood with one another during the blood-soaked genocides of Rwanda. The movie poster gives a message of these four women who dare to reach for the light and hope for a better tomorrow while their hands are up.

The official synopsis reads: “Four women from different backgrounds forge an unbreakable sisterhood while trapped and in hiding during the genocide in Rwanda. Inspired by real events.”

Who stars in ‘Trees of Peace’?

The following star cast has been confirmed for the film.

Charmaine Bingwa as Jeannette

36-year-old Australian star Charmaine Bingwa has been loved by fans for her portrayal of Carmen Moyo on the CBS television drama ‘The Good Fight’. She has also acted in movies like ‘Black Box’, ‘Nekrotronic’, ‘The Pitch’, etc. She will be seen playing the lead role of Jeannette in the highly anticipated true-story based Rwandan film ‘Trees Of Peace’, which premieres globally on Netflix.

The rest of the actors in ‘Trees Of Peace’ include Elliane Umuhire, Ella Cannon, Bola Koleosho and several others.


The film that won multiple awards at the American Black Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival has been directed and written by Alanna Brown. It marks the directorial debut of Alanna Brown. The film has been produced by Brian Baniqued, Alanna Brown, Mike Bundlie, Barry Levine, Vicky Petela, Ron Ray and Jeffrey Spiegel.


The official trailer for the highly anticipated Rwandan genocide based drama film ‘Trees Of Peace’ has been released online. You can also see it here.

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