Netflix ‘Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie’ Review – Turtles Can Be Fast!

Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (2022) is an animated film from the popular franchise of the same name, directed by Ant Ward and Andy Suriano. When Casey Jones, a student of Leonardo’s from the future, is sent back in time to undo the Krang’s takeover of planet Earth, they find themselves at loggerheads piling up against them as retrieving the portal key turns out to be one more matter. serious than them. I expected it to be.

A sequel to the animated series of the same name, the film begins in 2044, when Krang is in full control of Earth, with Michaelangelo and Leonardo being the last remaining forces of the notorious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gang. The land that is no longer the land once known now turns to ashes, devoid of any joy, with human civilization now taken over by the mighty Krang. In the midst of vulnerability, sensing defeat, Leonardo sends his trusted disciple Casey Jones back in time, while Michaelangelo casts the mystic arts spell and Leonardo stands by. In the past, Casey is tasked with intercepting the soon to be stolen portal key, which becomes Krang’s gateway to the planet from the prison dimension. Things get more complicated than ever, as young Leonardo’s recklessness and overconfidence lead to the artifact being stolen while his unserious mindset complicates Casey’s visit.

It’s a kids movie so I understand the thought process behind not keeping things too dark but this had the potential to impose the franchise in retrospect differently on a darker theme as it plays it safe and doesn’t measure territory PG-13. . I wish the lawless imprisoned future narrative had been uncovered more, as it was a different kind of experience to see the masters of the band in Michelangelo and Leonardo as older heroes fighting an institutional struggle that they’ve very well already lost.

It is also a theme of forced liveliness, since the humor is not that good. The goofiness of the Turtles themselves is generically expressed with the script continually guilty of slipping in jokes at odd moments that just don’t get the job done.

The animation style between the two timelines understandably changes, but I’m not particularly a fan of animation in either art form. It ignores the human component of living on planet earth, with a disappointing depiction of all life forms and the environment itself, mostly resorting to vague self-imposed thoughts to do the trick way back in 2014, the past.

It was always good to see the fabulous four fronting the Super Turtles in action, along with the other members in action together as Casey begins to reflect on her ‘family’ that once had everyone. There are moments of personal growth within the characters, but below average, there isn’t much to this generic movie with out-of-character emotional revelations and a sense of lack of adverse consequences that downplay the threat, despite seeming dangerous.

Final score – [6/10]
Reviewed By – Devyansh Anand
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