Netflix ‘Nairobby’ Movie Review – Greed Has No Limits

Our elders often tell us how greed makes one go blind. As Mahatama Gandhi said: “The Earth provides enough to satisfy the needs of all men, but not the greed of all”. These Shelton University students threaten the future and lives of others by stealing fundraising campaign money.

Tasha, Nick, Oti, Vivia, Kama and Yobra are underprivileged students studying at a renowned university. The dean of his university organized a fundraising campaign that would directly help poor children pay their tuition. Tasha listens to the dean discuss the whereabouts of the money and the access code to his office. She therefore plans to steal the money with her friends so they can have a better life.

The robbery did not go as planned. They were caught in the act and are now being pursued by the Police. One of them was seriously injured and is now dead. Instead of their unity and friendship, greed takes over. It was pretty obvious. Who wouldn’t lose their heads in the face of 37 million shillings? They were seen taking turns blaming each other one by one.

At 1 hour and 17 minutes, most of the film has been shot in a single building. There is no skipping scenes. In total, there are only 5-6 scenes, and the longest one is when they got trapped in the building. These students were so blinded by money that they pointed their guns at their foreheads.

The film forces you to think in multiple directions. Like, who could be the one who stole the funds? This Kenyan movie has a great script, but at some points it gets a bit boring. Their loyalty and friendship are tested and they all fail miserably. Initially, the movie seems boring as it wasn’t going anywhere. Then there are the guns, the blame game, and several shocking revelations about the personal lives of the characters that liven things up.

In my opinion, you can see Nairobby to see the performances of the actors. The plot could have been so much better if the movie wasn’t just about that one night. Nairobby had the potential to become an interesting watch if the creators decided to include other scenes as well. No one in the movie is the same as they seem, they have their own set of secrets. Also, the movie lacked music and those suspenseful beats that play in the background as the mystery unfolds.

The emotions displayed by the actors seem so fake at one point that it became quite easy to guess who the culprit was. Sometimes the plot of Nairobby is predictable. However, the ending will not disappoint the audience. There is a big surprise at the end. Finally, I will quote Philip John Miller who said, “No heroic act is motivated by greed.” This movie proves that quote in full.

Final score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed By – Riya Singh
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