Netflix ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’: 5 things to know about the comedy special

A few months ago, we lost iconic sitcom star Bob Saget. All set to pay tribute in a unique way and give the actor a proper farewell, Netflix is ​​bringing a comedy special, titled ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’, to screens. This is sure to be a bittersweet moment for all the Bob Saget fans who have grown up watching him.

If fans loved watching these comedy series and specials on Netflix like ‘He’s Waiting,’ ‘Russian Doll,’ and ‘Jim Jefferies: Bigot,’ then they would surely feel like they were on an emotional roller coaster while watching the comedy special. ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’.


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When does ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’ premiere and where can you watch it?

The highly anticipated comedy special film ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’ will premiere globally on June 10, 2022 on Netflix at 3:01am EST.

What is ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’ about?

The heartfelt tribute and comedy special film will highlight the legacy and career of iconic American sitcom star Bob Saget. He had shown that it is possible to be a brilliant comic icon with impeccable comic timing and was affectionately loved as ‘America’s Dad’ by viewers globally as well.

The late actor Bob Saget has been loved by audiences all over the world for his outstanding performances on American TV shows like ‘Full House’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘That’s What I Am Talkin’ About’ and was also seen on Netflix. spinoff ‘Fuller House’.

The release date was announced globally by Netflix a month ago as part of its long-awaited ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ festival. The synopsis reads: “A tribute to Bob Saget, a celebration of Bob’s life in comedy with his friends and family.”

This will be a celebration of late breakout star Bob’s career and life in the comedy genre along with some of his closest industry friends and family. The comedy special was filmed, created, and performed at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood after Bob Saget’s death on January 9, 2022.

Which actors would appear in the comedy special ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’?

Some of the biggest stars like Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, John Mayer and Jeff Ross along with their ‘Full House’ co-star John Stamos will be seen in this comedy special.


The comedy special has been created and conceptualized by Netflix.


No teaser or trailer for the highly anticipated comedy special ‘A Tribute To Bob Saget’ has been released yet. We will update this space as soon as it is available.

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