My character is a combination of brain and brawn

MUMBAI: Popular Bengali actor Abir Chatterjee, who is making his Hindi debut with ‘Avrodh 2’, shares how his character in the show is multi-dimensional.

Abir narrates the character of an Indian Army officer named Pradeep Bhattacharya in the show.

Sharing more about his character, Abur told IANS, “From the moment I read my character synopsis, I knew I was signing up for something challenging that was also exciting. Pradeep is an army officer as well as the officer of income taxes of international taxation, so on the one hand being a military man, very strong physically and fiscal, he has a sharp mind for numbers, calculation and everything that duty demands.

“Since the attack will happen on the country’s finances, he will intelligently do whatever it takes to save his country. So my character is a combination of brains and brawn!”

Although this is the first time for Abir to work on a Hindi web series, he is a prominent name in the Bengali film industry and won various critical acclaim for his skill as an actor.

However, the actor shared that entering a new setting with ‘Avrodh 2’ where he didn’t know anyone personally, be it actors, directors, or technicians, initially made him a bit nervous.

He said: “You know, when we started the project, we were recovering from the first wave of Covid-19. So for me, it was a new hope after a lockdown and sitting at home under such a tense situation that the world was I was freaking out.” But every meeting, storytelling, and workshop with other actors happened via Zoom video calls. So finally, when I met our team face-to-face, I was very aware. On screen, I had to interact with my co-actors as if I had known them for a long time, while in reality, I was meeting them for the first time.”

“It was my Hindi debut, such a big show…honestly, I also went through a lot of unlearning. I wasn’t wearing my success and stardom on the set of ‘Avrodh 2’. Somewhere I felt more responsible to represent my industry Bengali film industry with my good work and high level of professionalism, through my work,” added ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ Abir fame.

The show is based on the first chapter ‘We don’t really know fear’ from Rahul Singh and Shiv Aroor’s celebrated book ‘India’s Most Fearless’.

‘Avrodh 2’ is directed by Raj Acharya and produced by Applause Entertainment, with Mohan Agashe, Neeraj Kabi, Anant Mahadevan, Aahana Kumra, Rajesh Khattar, Sanjay Suri, among others.

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