Mitel CloudLink offers a glimpse into the company’s technology future

The goal is to create a “vibrant” communications developer community.

Mitel has launched a new developer initiative, making it easier for channel partners, technology partners and customers to build custom applications and integrations through CloudLink, the company’s modern cloud services architecture, officials said.

Traditionally, developers have used the Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA) to create integrations. Users will now do so through Mitel’s developer portal, which is connected to CloudLink.

Created in 2019, CloudLink enables customers on-premises or in the cloud to collaborate and deploy applications. It has more than 2 million active users.

Swapan Nandi from Mitel

Swapan Nandi from Mitel

Swapan Nandi is Senior Director of Next Generation Solutions at Mitel.

“We believe that CloudLink will provide the framework to organically grow a dynamic communications developer community,” Nandi wrote in a letter to the Mitel community last April. “By enabling CloudLink for all Mitel platforms, our partners will have a significant customer base to serve. And by developing an open API ecosystem for CloudLink, Mitel’s platforms will more easily integrate with other business applications.”

CloudLink Origins

Innovation is often born out of necessity.

Mitel developed CloudLink because it found itself in a less than ideal situation. Initially, the company had to integrate with organizations that operated multiple PBX platforms. The introduction of CloudLink removed this headache, linking the five platforms that Mitel currently operates on. Connecting across these platforms meant easier app development.

Earlier this year, Mitel MiVoice Office 400 and MiVoice 5000 customers were the first to get CloudLink gateways that provide access to Mitel APIs. Gateways are now available for MiVoice Business and MiVoice MX-One platforms.

As for Mitel’s developer portal, it allows users to integrate communication capabilities such as voice, messaging, chat and video with automated application-based workflows. Businesses can dramatically improve the quality of customer and constituent service, support employee collaboration and reduce costs, the company said.

Venkat Nagaswamy of Mitel

Venkat Nagaswamy of Mitel

“Now, any client of ours can use it. Any partner of ours can use it. Or even people we don’t even know can use it,” said Mitel CMO Venkat Nagaswamy.

Also, adopting CloudLink and its API ecosystem doesn’t mean organizations have to overhaul their infrastructure, Nagaswamy said. Customers can integrate their on-premises technology with the modern cloud platform.

“People feel like a lot of new apps can only be delivered on a cloud platform,” he said. “What we have done with CloudLink is to allow you to use your applications in a simple way. You know, it’s really about making sure that the original investment that our customers made in us means that they can get the full value out of it.”

Industry use case

Healthcare is a vertical that benefits from Mitel’s technology, the company said. Information from hospital software can feed…

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