Michael Rooker Reteaming with ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’ Director for Shocker ‘Road Rage’

Decades have done nothing to lessen the impact of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killerthe grim serial killer thriller that launched the careers of stars miguel rocker and director John McNaughton. Now the pair are looking to do it again with the vigilante movie. road rage.

By Term, road rage is meant to be the first in a series.

The film “will focus on a serial killer who only kills those who deserve to die, introducing a modern day hero who is a bad guy turned good guy, protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty.”

“I wanted to work with Michael Rooker again since Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, but we never got the chance. Finally, I wrote a story that took the genre in a whole new direction,” McNaughton told the outlet. “Michael Rooker as Stony; he drives a truck…and kills people. Stony is the ultimate serial killer…with a twist, and now he’s going home after twenty years, to settle scores from the past.”

Tim Perell will produce the vigilante thriller through its banner, Process Media, saying, “With road rage, John McNaughton and Michael Rooker aim once again to create a shocking and transgressive film that will exist at the forefront of art and genre. What Enrique he was ahead of his time so road rage will be ahead of this time; a haunting and thought-provoking reflection of contemporary American culture.”

Rooker’s memorable turn as serial killer Henry Lee Lucas pushes this project to the top of the most anticipated titles in the works.

Enrique: portrait of a serial killer Plot synopsis: “Recently released from prison, nomad Henry (Rooker) finds a temporary abode in the run-down Chicago lodgings of a former prison acquaintance and small-time drug dealer, Otis (tom towles). Hiding behind his nondescript job as a pest exterminator, Henry leads a double life, prowling the streets at night in a brutal and seemingly motiveless killing spree. As the bodies pile up, Otis finds himself drawn into Henry’s dark secret world, but when Otis’ sister Becky (Tracy Arnold) moves in, fleeing an uncomfortable domestic situation herself, it quickly becomes apparent that two is company, but three is a crowd.”

In addition to Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerMcNaughton’s films include Mad Dog and Gloria. Rooker’s credits include suicide squad“The Walking Dead” and Slide.

Stay tuned for more details as they come.

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