Maverick’s Lewis Pullman, Monica Barbaro, And Jay Ellis Have A Need For Speed [Interview]

I’d love to hear about the training because I heard, Lewis, that you could have almost killed someone.

[group laughter]

Barbarian: Who said that?

It could have been Greg.

Pullman: I know exactly what you mean. He’s referring to the “swimming fizz” moment where they put us in a soaking bath, and everyone’s lined up and they’re blindfolded and they dive under the water, and they turn on their stomachs; they have to train for this, just in case. you have to make a forced landing or eject over the seas. And Tarzan was right next to me. So, my role was, blindfolded, I’m upside down, I have to knock down this window, and then swim.

You will hear the buzzer sound. Immediately after the doorbell rings, Tarzan swims to the side, I’m about to open the window, he kicks me in the face.

Ellis: Oh, he kicked me too!

Pullman: Yes! Yes, right in the jaw.

Ellis: He kicked me in the head, like in the back of the neck!

Pullman: He claims I was taking too long, but he kicked me almost a split second after the bell rang. So, I’d like to clear things up… Yes, no…

Barbarian: The almost killed you. [laughs]

Pullman: It almost killed me, yes. [laughs]

Ellis: He is a real kicker! [laughs]

Flight training looks scary, and you guys are shooting your own footage there too. How was that?

Ellis: It was incredible. I mean, I think some parts were a little intimidating at first, but then you realize you have Claudio. [Miranda], which is like one of the most incredible DPs to walk the Earth. You have Tom, who is obviously walking us through the performance. and then joe [Kosinski] he’s walking us through the acting stuff as well as making sure we get certain moments.

There are so many hands and so many people around you to make you great. So when you get on the plane and you spin the camera for the first time… the first flight, everybody’s like, “Wait. Am I doing it right? Okay. Clap. Roll. Okay.” Everybody’s nervous at first, but after your first flight and you understand the mechanics, after that you cruise around a bit. Because certain things just become second nature because we’ve rehearsed it so much, or the training was so specific that we were so well prepared for it.

Barbarian: It’s funny, because this film was very intense on the ground. It’s a continuation of an amazing movie that people love and value and feel very appropriate, both in the world and in the aviation community, especially. So there’s a lot of pressure for this to go well on the ground. And then all of that, it just triples in size, or quadruples, on the plane. It was tremendously intense, but we had to take it one step at a time.

Pullman: Only one flight at a time. That’s all you could do.

Barbarian: One note at a time, one line at a time.

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