Love, Death + Robots: Creator Digs How “Kill Team Kill” Was Brought To Life

director of Love, Death + Robots Jennifer Yuh Nelson has finally explained the daunting task of bringing “Kill Team Kill” to the small screen.

“Kill Team Kill” It was adapted from a short story of the same name written by Justin Coates. Follow the exploits of a group of Green Berets who are on a rescue mission to find another team that has lost communication deep in the forest.

Jennifer yuh nelson opens up on Love, Death + Robots

Love, Death + Robots on Netflix
Love, Death + Robots on Netflix

Not long after, it becomes quite clear that the missing team has been mercilessly slaughtered by something very monstrous. As the soldiers barely survive, they discover the truth behind the robotic beast hunting them down, only to find themselves once again embroiled in violence.

While speaking with Netflix about the third season episode of the hit series, Nelson discussed the entire creative process behind “Kill Team Kill.” She revealed, “When I storyboard, I do these really rudimentary little sketches. But it shows the acting, the extreme moments, and all the pacing and cutting.” She also talked about the almost limitless nature of animation in Love, Death + RobotsHe added, “You can show as intense action scenes as you want to choreograph them. Even something as simple as how much blood.”

Love, Death + Robots It is produced by Timhouse Inc.

Love, Death + Robots season 3
Love, Death + Robots season 3

Produced by Titmouse Inc., which has produced several Adult Swim shows such as The Venture brothers Y metalocalypse. Nelson referred to Titmouse’s work throughout the episode, saying, “The show’s look actually came from Antonio and Benji, who were on Titmouse. They really wanted to pay homage to the kind of incredibly ridged, incredibly bulging look of something like Predator either Conan the barbarian. It was just about, well, steroids.”

jennifer yuh nelson
Jennifer Yuh Nelson created the hit show

The series it had initially arrived on Netflix in 2019 to widespread critical acclaim. Created by Tim Miller and produced by David Fincher, the series premiered as a reinvention of the duo Heavy metal movie (1989). While the restart for Heavy metal had spent over a decade in development hell, Netflix bailed it out on the sole condition that it be made as a series. So far, the show has touched on many themes and subgenres within science fiction and horror, including mystical creatures and zombie apocalypse. The third season recently premiered on May 20, 2022, with a sequel episode of the season 1 favorite “Three robots.

Check out the trailer below:

Love, Death + Robots is streaming on Netflix now.

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