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The loss of Liverpool brings joy to too many

Maybe it’s just the exhaustion of a season that’s not over yet (thank you Nations League) but it’s been difficult not to get upset over the weekend that’s been on football Twitter.

Suddenly Mohamed Salah was a bottler, Jurgen Klopp a cheater, and this Liverpool side a complete failure for playing every game possible this season and coming so close to quadrupling. And let’s not start with the trophy parade… For just two trophies? … Oh, and they’re smiling?! As Car you.

Champions League

UEFA commissions independent report on Champions League final scenes


Tribalism has long been part of the game, but it’s been exacerbated by social media, and on Saturday it seemed to extend well beyond the often innocent joy stolen from another club by simply losing a game (just look for the depressingly common ” Trash Can”) arch on Twitter and see for yourself).

In the debacle that also delayed the Champions League final, everyone was suddenly an expert, selecting specific images or videos of individual cases involving a minority to get their point across – and yes, the Liverpool fan, who smuggled his father in, was doing his own club no favors – while others made unsubstantiated claims from their armchairs, based on the fact that the events unfolding concerned a club they dislike.

What seems clear is that this would have happened due to the shortage of each group of fans and before it is mentioned in the reply – getting into the Real Madrid end wasn’t exactly easy either.

The thread above by The Mail on Sunday’s Rob Draper lays it all out, as does the myriad reports from those on the ground, so expect this to continue. An investigation by UEFA seems inevitable, having been called for by both Liverpool FC and the UK government, while the French Ministry of Sport will hold a meeting with the European Football Association as well as the French Football Association, stadium officials and the police to make a decision how the “mess” unfolded on Saturday.

It could have been worse, let’s be thankful it wasn’t.


‘Not fair’ – Liverpool fans at the chaos at the stadium as people battle to qualify for the final



However, I can’t go into warm-up without congratulating Real Madrid. What else can be said that hasn’t happened yet? The most notable of all name-on-the-trophy KO campaigns, an innate ability to win and some mind-blowing performances along the way.

Oh, and who knew that March’s FourFourTwo list of the top 10 goalies in the world would result in a record-breaking performance from a man sad to have missed it…

forest stands!

Started from the bottom:

Now they are here:

It’s been quite a journey for Nottingham Forest and that doesn’t just apply to their 23-year absence from the Premier League, but just this campaign.

Forest chief executive Dane Murphy gave Steve Cooper the simple task of “bringing us up the table” after taking charge of a Forest side rooted at the end of the Championship in September, and so it wouldn’t be difficult to claim that promotion would have been beyond their wildest expectations for this season.

For many, Forest is a club that belongs in the Premier League but worries about the club that missed out. Huddersfield had the pathetic role of being the third-placed side hoping to earn promotion the hard way and they will also have felt badly done after some questionable refereeing and VAR decisions at Wembley yesterday.

A bitter pill after 49 domestic games, but there always has to be a winner and a loser in one of the games that decides the most.

Cya, Ralph

In keeping with the weekend, another moment that seemed to split the football community was Manchester United’s announcement that Ralf Rangnick would not be taking up his advisory role at the club after all.

On the one hand, this about-face left the club looking indecisive and clueless, on the other hand, the fact that the current Austria coach will not stay is a sign of an even fresher start under Erik ten Hag.

For the sake of balance, the latter seems more accurate. The flaws in this club’s structure were apparent to all long before Rangnick joined, but he has made few convincing arguments for staying in any capacity – while Ten Hag has every right to believe an advisor isn’t essential.

Rangnick was still able to leave a lasting impression. And that’s largely because United have sunk so low during his interim role (a 38 per cent win rate compared to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s 54 per cent) that their problems have continued to be uncovered and therefore may have been addressed more clearly.

However, United fans won’t hold their breath as more structural changes are needed off the pitch to help Ten Hag and his new players on the field. Let’s see what summer brings, shall we?


Mane & the Carousel?

A grumpy looking Sadio Mane reminds us that the transfer season is basically upon us.

Of course, Erling Haaland’s move and Kylian Mbappe’s decision not to do so was the starting shot, but with a decision from Mane imminently expected, it could spark quite a carousel with Barcelona after Robert Lewandowski and Liverpool were reportedly interested in Ousmane Dembele were.

That could put all clubs at ease as their players appear keen for a new challenge, but more factors will come into play in the days and weeks to come.


It could be a busy week for the French football authorities. Those were the scenes following Saint Etienne’s relegation to Ligue 2…


There is a break, but only for a few days, as internationals begin on Wednesday – with the highlight Scotland v Ukraine for the right to play Wales and a place at the World Cup at stake.

In the meantime, enjoy the second week at Roland-Garros on Eurosport and Discovery+.

Champions League

“It was a shambles” – Robertson criticizes the organization of the Champions League final


Champions League

Mbappe is ‘already forgotten’ – Real Madrid president Perez has attacked the PSG star


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