Leo Suter Net Worth (& 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vikings: The Star Of Valhalla)

Vikings: Valhalla returns with its highly anticipated second season in January 2023, and all die-hard fans of the historical drama series will be flocking to their screens at the beginning of the year to see Leo Suter and the entire cast suit up as our favorite Viking characters.

In the series, the London-born actor, who was born on September 26, 1993, making him 29 years old in January 2023, plays Prince Harald Sigurdsson, a charismatic and dominant figure in Nordic society. He seeks to unite, and who could say no to that charming smile?

As you watch Suter in action as Harald in Vikings: Valhalla, you might be wondering a few things about her background and other interesting facts about the handsome and talented star. Below, we share her estimated net worth, singing skills, relationship status, and more!

What is the estimated net worth of Leo Suter?

According to various websites, Leo Suter has been estimated to be worth between $100K and $1 million. Others have estimated that the Vikings: Valhalla star could be worth more than $5 million for his acting work.

Suter started working professionally on his acting career in 2012 after working in theater during his school days and graduating from New College, Oxford. His first roles were a small part in the series. Bad Education, and since then, he hasn’t stopped making a name for himself on the big and small screen.

Leo Suter can sing and perform in his father’s choir

Don’t let the rough exterior of your Vikings: Valhalla character fool you Leo Suter can play a tune, and he’s sure to make your heart race when he sings. Suter has previous experience singing in his father’s choir, as well as in musicals while he attended St. Paul High School.

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His singing background came to the fore in his role as an opera prodigy in the film I’ll find you. Fans may have also seen the actor playing the piano and showing off his singing skills in videos on social media. Let’s hope for more music in his career in the future!

When Leo Suter was 24 years old, he starred in the ITV historical drama series Victoria.

Suter’s first major television role came in 2017 in the ITV historical drama series. Victory. In season two, he played Mr. Drummond and he certainly turned heads. He continued to appear in British shows such as Clique, Beecham House, Y watermelon, which led to his last historical fiction role of all on Netflix Vikings: Valhalla.

Leo Suter is the third most popular Vikings: Valhalla star on Instagram with 164,000 followers.

As of January 11, 2023, Sam Corlett leads the top trio with 844k followers and Frida Gustavsson sits in the middle with 292k followers. Suter follows close behind with 164,000 followers on Instagram, though every one of her followers will soon grow as season two premieres and fans around the world become obsessed with the cast again.

Who is Leo Suter dating?

He Vikings: Valhalla The star appears to keep her private life private and out of public view as there is no evidence of a significant other on her social media. Similarly, Suter has not spoken publicly about their relationship status and history. Right now, Suter appears to be single, at least as far as the public knows.

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In 2014, Leo Suter made his major film debut in Angelina Jolie Disney’s Maleficent.

Although Suter made his film debut as “Gardener” in the 2013 film Round and round the garden, his first major film appearance was in the 2014 Disney film Pernicious, which starred Angelina Jolie. Once again, Suter had the small role of “Young Man,” but perhaps eagle-eyed fans will see him in the movie.

Did you know these facts about Leo Suter? Be sure to check out the actor on Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 begins January 12, only on Netflix.

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