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Actor Kichcha Sudeep and cricketer Chris Gayle launch the first version of the Super 10 League (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Kannada star Kichcha Sudeep and West Indies cricket legend Chris Gayle have unveiled the first version of ‘Super Ten’, a new cricket match that will bring together Indian actors, retired cricketers from various countries and corporate leaders to compete in a ten more (T10). ) Format.

The fast format cricket goodwill match, which is guaranteed to have a high entertainment and fun quotient, will be held over two days in Bangalore in December 2022.

The league will see actors from Bollywood, Sandalwood, Kollywood and Tollywood and former cricketers from all over the world come together.

West Indies cricket legend Chris Gayle mentioned: “I am excited to play cricket with some of the notable names in the Indian entertainment industry along with my fellow cricketers around the world. The tournament is set to the T10 format which promises a lot of firecrackers. I can’t wait for the excitement to begin in December.”

Adding to this delight, celebrity Kichcha Sudeep mentioned, “The Super T10 League is an excellent opportunity to connect with friends in cricket, entertainment, and the corporate sector. It is an opportunity to play a friendly but competitive sport. As we Indians love cricket, we can look forward to a number of fun matches with actors like me showing our passion for the sport and skills as well. These games will also bring out the fun and sporty side of the actors for our fans.”

Commenting on the launch, Dinesh Kumar, Founder and Director of Super Ten Cricket, said: “We have been working on this ‘Cricketainment’ concept for over a year. This is the first edition and we are committed to presenting a high-octane game for viewers. The reason for the tournament is to strengthen the global interest in cricket. We have a vision to bring in the biggest names in the cricket and entertainment industry and are delighted to bring in many more names soon. We are looking forward to presenting an exciting series of games for all cricket fans globally.”

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Similarly, sharing his views, Super Ten Cricket Director Sanjay Vijay Raghavan mentioned: “We are delighted to host the Super Ten League which will see cricketers and celebrities coming together for this entertaining duel and we can’t wait. for everything to begin. We are happy to have names like Sudeep Kiccha and Chris Gayle behind this tournament. Their names not only bring excitement to the tournament, but also immense credibility. We intend to build this as an ongoing property that cricket lovers in India and around the world look forward to.”

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