Kevin Spacey ordered to pay $31 million to creators of Netflix hit House Of Cards after he was fired over sexual claims

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey has been ordered to pay $31 million (£25.5 million) to the creators of the Netflix show House of Cards after he was sacked over sexual assault allegations.

A Los Angeles judge said Thursday that Spacey had to pay MRC after losses stemming from his 2017 firing for alleged sexual harassment of crew members.

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey was ordered to pay $31 million to the creators of House of Cards


Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey was ordered to pay $31 million to the creators of House of CardsCredit: AP
Spacey was written out of the show in 2017 where he played American political schemer Frank Underwood.


Spacey was written out of the show in 2017 where he played American political schemer Frank Underwood.Credit: Flyer

Judge Mel Red Recana said the American Beauty actor and his attorney were unable to prove that it was a “closed case” or show that the massive damages sought “were so utterly unreasonable as to amount to an arbitrary reworking of the companies’ contracts.” parts”.

MRC’s attorney, Michael Kump, said his clients were “satisfied with the court’s ruling.”

Spacey, who has an estimated net worth of £70m, has denied the allegations against him.

The arbitrator reviewing the case following an appeal filed in November by Spacey’s legal team said the actor had breached his contract.

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According to a filing by MRC’s attorneys, they said the 63-year-old failed to comply with “professional behavior” stipulated in his contract at the time that he “engaged in certain conduct in connection with various crew members on each of the the five seasons that it was”. he starred in and executive produced House of Cards.”

The original MCR files, obtained by PA, detail how Spacey was removed from the hit Netflix show following allegations that he “systematically preyed on, sexually harassed and groped young men he had worked with throughout his career on film, television and theater projects”.

As a result, MRC had to fire Spacey, halt and rewrite the entire sixth season to remove his character and shorten it from 13 to eight episodes to meet looming deadlines, causing losses in the tens of millions, according to court documents.

The actor starred in House Of Cards for five seasons, playing calculating Frank Underwood, before being written out of the show after allegations surfaced.

Spacey’s attorneys filed a countersuit claiming the Pay It Forward actor was fired from the show’s sixth season before the sexual harassment allegations were investigated, so he was not in breach of contract.

They argued that their actions were not a substantial factor in the show’s losses.

The ruling came after a three-year legal fight and closed-door hearing to resolve the dispute, which was eventually thrown out by a panel of three private arbitrators who upheld it during an appeal in November.

The fallen Hollywood star’s career came crashing down in late 2017 when sexual harassment allegations against him began to surface.

The revelations coincided with the growing #MeToo movement that brought down big names in Hollywood, including sex addict producer Harvey Weinstein.

It comes shortly after Spacey

appeared in a UK court last month to “strongly” deny further allegations of sexual assault charges dating back to 17 years when he was manager of the Old Vic theater in London.

He will appear in court next year.

In 2019, judges dismissed an incident of assault and battery against the American celebrity.

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At the time, an 18-year-old man claimed Spacey groped him at a Nantucket resort.

Spacey is also due to face a civil case to be heard in New York in October 2022, brought by actor Anthony Rapp, Spacey’s first public accuser.

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