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Earlier this month, the ongoing court case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp delved into the collapse of both stars’ movie careers since their public divorce in 2017. Depp blamed Heard for Disney firing him from the multibillion-dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. after his op-ed was published in The Washington Post. The article claimed that he had been physically abusive during their relationship.

Heard has since suggested that Depp was responsible for his role in Aquaman 2 being cut down to just “ten minutes”.

But new information has now revealed that it was not Depp’s fault and was solely due to Heard’s performance.

Heard’s talent agent, Jessica Kovacevic, testified about the state of the star’s career before and after her split from Depp. In a pre-recorded statement, Kovacevic said that she believed the public feud between Depp and Heard had caused Warner Bros. to reconsider the role in Aquaman 2.

However, he revealed that Warner Bros told him that it was actually a “lack of chemistry” between Heard and Momoa.

Ultimately, Warner Bros didn’t replace Heard from Aquaman 2, but instead cut her part drastically. She herself said that her role was “reduced” to just ten minutes of screen time.

Heard said that despite Warner Bros’ reasoning, she blamed her relationship with Depp for the problems. She said: “I had to fight very hard to keep my career… I missed opportunities.

“I got laid off from jobs and campaigns. I fought to keep my job and the biggest movie opportunity I’ve had to date. [with] Justice League with the option of [star in] Aquaman. I had to fight really hard to stay in the Justice League because that was the time for the divorce.”

She later said that Warner Bros “didn’t want to include her” in the Aquaman sequel The Lost Kingdom. Heard went on to say that she noticed that she had lost a lot of screen time in Aquaman 2 when she received a new script.

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The film in question is called In The Fire, a film set in the 19th century that follows a boy with special abilities. Heard plays a woman named Grace Burnham.

The actress said about the film, “I’ve done a small independent film. I shot a film in Guatemala. It’s a small independent film, which means it doesn’t have distribution or anything; it’s a low-budget film that I had been attached to for a long time. many years.”

Heard’s IMDB page shows that she is also in pre-production on another movie titled Run Away With Me. At the moment, she does not have a director, but writer Matthew Cirulnick is handling the creative aspects of the film.

The synopsis for Run Away With Me reads: “An American in Paris falls in love with a model and the two become entwined in the criminal underworld of the European modeling industry.”

Likewise, Depp hasn’t been working steadily for the past few years either. His last film was Minamata, which had a delayed release in both 2020 and 2021. He just entered pre-production on Jeanne du Barry, his first big-budget film since 2019 Waiting for the Barbarians.

The Pirates of the Caribbean series is now available to watch on Disney Plus.

Aquaman 2 hits theaters on March 17, 2023.


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