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Working two jobs is hard enough. Imagine one of those is hunting vampires. That’s how Jamie Foxx makes some extra money on “Day Shift.” Deco’s hardest working reporter, Alex Miranda, sat down with the fanged cast.

Jamie is already an actor, singer, and comedian…but the triple threat told me he’d rather have another job.

Jamie Foxx (as Ray Charles): “Do you hear that?”

Kerry Washington (as Della Bea Robinson): “What?”

Jamie Foxx (as Ray Charles): “His heart skipped a beat.”

Sure, A-list actor Jamie Foxx plays vampire hunter Bud in the new Netflix movie “Day Shift.”

Jamie Foxx (as Bud): “You know what I see when I see a vampire? A large old dollar sign.

But if I could try a new schedule from 9 to 5…

Jamie Foxx: “I love personal injury attorneys.”

Alex Miranda: “Yes!”

Jamie Foxx: “Check out Chuck!”

Voiceover Narrator: “Amanda Demands.”

Amanda Demands: “I put pressure.”

Alex Miranda: “But you’re performing in that room anyway.”

Jamie Foxx: “That’s what I’m saying. That is a trap.

Alex Miranda: “It’s a trap!”

Jamie Foxx: “Your Honor, I would like to approach the bank.”

I mean, it would probably kill him. Instead, in the new action comedy, he’s killing the walking dead for some extra cash.

Jamie Foxx (as Bud): “If I don’t get $10K, my wife and daughter are moving to Florida.”

Alex Miranda: “At its core, it’s really a working-class story, right?”

Jamie Foxx: “This guy is cleaning the pool and all of a sudden he gets into a crazy fight with an old lady, but then you find out he’s fighting over his daughter.”

Alongside Seth, played by Dave Franco, whose nightmare character was his dream job.

Dave Franco: “We played sports growing up, and being able to use some of those skills to act was the most fun.”

Her Oscar-winning co-star wasn’t too bad either.

Dave Franco: “He just creates a vibe on set every day when he shows up with his boombox backpack and he’s playing music.”

Alex Miranda: “I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

Do you think that included his 2008 hit, “Blame It”?

Jamie Foxx: “Blame it on the goose, it made you feel loose. Blame it on the ‘tron, I got you in the zone.”

But you can blame all this vampire drama on Audrey, real estate agent from hell, literally, played by Karla Souza.

Karla Souza: “She is an ambitious businesswoman, a real estate agent, who is trying to bring her family to the land that she says is hers.”

But forget “Twilight” for inspiration.

Karla Souza: “I watched a lot of ‘Selling Sunset’ to get into the mood.”

Davina Potratz: “How do you feel about the ring being moissanite or not a real diamond per se?”

Those fangs are sharp.

Karla Souza: “She is just aggressive [expletive]. I’m lovin ‘it!”

Well, while Karla watches that show, Jamie watches…

Jamie Foxx: “Deco Drive!”

Alex Miranda: “Are you a fan of Deco Drive?”

Jamie Foxx: “Come on, man. Those are my things. During years!”

“Day Shift” begins streaming on Netflix next Friday, August 12.

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