Jaicy Elliot From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Star in Empowering Hallmark Movie

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the Contrast Channel is getting fancy this fall with a new love story, romance with styleand its protagonist is changing his robe for fashion design.

Grey’s AnatomyJaicy Elliot herself is the star of the upcoming Hallmark movie, which focuses on empowerment, self-acceptance, and, of course, love. Elliot shared a date with PEOPLE regarding his enthusiasm for changing the lens within the company and opening the door to new topics of discussion.

“I am very excited to be a part of this new conversation that we are currently having about self-acceptance and positively spreading that message.”

Elliot went on to say that Hallmark is providing a platform for openness and non-judgment, focusing on building bonds and embracing what makes us all unique.

“Hallmark is opening an important dialogue about female empowerment and breaking through the thick ceiling of social misconceptions we’ve collectively built up. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to judge people solely on their appearance. I think it’s time for all of us to drop these superficial criteria and build a healthier, more connected world where we strive to be better at being kind and tolerant.”

As well as judging people on their looks, it’s clear that the film will also highlight societal ideas of the “perfect relationship” and how we often wonder if we’ll be judged in our own right and then by who we love.

PEOPLE shared a synopsis for the film, where Elliot will play a fashion designer named Ella.

“While working as a freelance seamstress at a high-profile fashion magazine, she (Ella) meets “Publishing Prince” Derek (Benjamin Hollingsworth), who is working to take over his father’s magazine business and is desperate for learning the ins and outs of the industry as quickly as possible. Somewhere along the way, the two end up falling in love with each other, but must find a way to overcome their differences and society’s expectations of what makes the perfect couple.”

In addition to Elliot and Hollingsworth, Candice Huffine joins the cast of romance with style and said that deciding to be part of the project was easy.

“When the Hallmark Channel asked me if I wanted to be in a movie aimed at women who love fashion and embrace body positivity, it was an easy yes. I commend Hallmark Channel for making a movie that promotes love and acceptance of the body; I hope to see more!”

romance with style is part of Hallmark’s fall movie lineup, where movies are geared toward the warm, fuzzy feeling we all embrace in the fall. With hot apple cider, scarves, and hands, we’re sure this will be another fan favorite as the weather gets colder and romance is in the air.

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