Jackson Yee Learns That Ordeals Of Life Can Be Overcome Together

Nice view (奇迹 笨小孩) is an inspirational Chinese drama film released on Netflix on June 1, 2022. The film was previously released in mainland China on February 1, 2022 and became the 9th highest-grossing film. The film follows the story of a sibling duo surviving on their own as the brother desperately searches for ways to get money for his sister’s surgery.

The film is directed by Wen Muye, which is his second feature film, and stars Jackson Yee as Jing Hao, Chen Halin as Jing Tong, Yu Tian as Liang Yongcheng, and Xi Qi as Wang Chunmei. The film is about 1 hour and 46 minutes long and is available in Mandarin language with English subtitles.

The Netflix synopsis for the film reads as follows:

Desperate to pay for his little sister’s surgery, a young man embarks on a risky business venture, only to encounter serious setbacks.

-Nice View Review does not contain any spoilers-

Plot: A story of hard work and pursuit of happiness

The film begins in the year 2013 in Shenzhen, where 20-year-old Jing Hao lives with his 6-year-old sister, Jing Tong. Her father abandoned them and her mother died of a disease that has also been inherited by Jing Tong. In order to live past the age of 8, Tong needs surgery as soon as possible, but Jing Hao runs a mobile repair shop, through which they can live miserably.

In order to get enough money for the surgery, he takes on various odd and high-risk jobs, even ending up losing his store. Just as she is about to hit rock bottom, she is presented with an opportunity in the form of a business idea that could change her life for the better. But as the saying goes, nothing is easy in life, and Jing Hao faces various setbacks.

After losing almost everything, the only thing left is the factory and the casual workers who are in the same situation as him. Will they be able to complete the order Jing Hao has promised the phone company or will all hopes be shattered, leading to a dead end? The film is about the uncertainty of life and the tests one has to go through to achieve happiness.

Review of Nice View, Jing Hao and his co-workers

What works in the movie?

Nice view is a simple story with a message that as long as you work hard, anything is possible. It is the central theme of the film that is even pointed out by the main character Jing Hao at the beginning of the film when he says the same thing to his sister. The chemistry between the brother-sister duo is amazing and Jackson Yee’s performance is realistic and commendable.

Along with the camera work that creates the rhythm of the story, it focuses on a detailed look at Hao’s repair work and tight shots that keep the story tight. Speaking of the story, it can be said that the movie is similar to the movie. The pursuit of happiness (2006) in terms of plot inspiration, but not entirely as it is set in a different setting with different aspirations and dreams.

Set in the city of Shenzhen, the film does it justice by showing the hustle and bustle of one of China’s economic zones. In the concrete jungle, everyone is busy making a living with whatever job they can get and the realistic portrayal of how hard it is to get a full-time job or good pay. The workers who are hired by Hao to work for him have their own share of struggles, but the search for a full-time job brings them together to work and beyond as the story progresses.

Jing hao and Tong in Nice View on Netflix

Final Thought: Pass It On or Skip It?

Nice view on Netflix is ​​an uplifting story that emphasizes the importance of hard work and camaraderie. The movie will make you laugh and cry and will take you on a tumultuous journey of Jing Hao and her co-workers to have a better life. If you like inspirational movies that motivate the audience to pursue their dreams in life, this is perfect for you.

However, the arc of the characters could have been developed more since the story is predictable and from the beginning, one can anticipate what the ending would be like. However, it is a good film that is released especially at the time of the pandemic, with a realistic depiction of how many are struggling to make ends meet as the film’s lead. He hopes to inspire and motivate people who are going through a difficult time.

Nice view is streaming on Netflix.

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