Installation costs for hybrid grass on the soccer field

Known as reinforced natural grass, hybrid grass is most often made by combining natural grass with synthetic fibers. This is because synthetic fibers applied to the root zone of natural grass make the product harder and the grass more resistant to damage. As a result, it is preferred on sports fields such as soccer fields.

Hybrid turf is used not only on soccer, rugby, American football, golf and baseball fields, but also for training facilities and places where the number of people per square meter is quite high, such as. B. Concerts.

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Advantages of hybrid grass

It can be said that hybrid grass has many advantages. It is a great and durable product that you can use, especially for sports. For example, sports such as soccer 7/22 can be played on hybrid turf in almost all conditions. It is also possible to observe improved playing qualities even in the rain, and the playing surface is less slippery. Even under extreme stress, the hybrid turf from a leading company offers a smooth and even better surface. Surface injuries are reduced. It allows people to train and play on the same surface.

Another advantage of hybrid grass is that it offers maximum efficiency and does not require any special maintenance equipment. The surface conditions can be easily changed and adjusted to the needs of players and managers. In the season and during the renewal period, the surface can be brought into the desired shape quickly. If a part is damaged and needs to be replaced, the process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Up to 6,000 hours of hybrid turf per year exceed the playing capacity. You can play and train on the same surface. With this feature, a separate training area is not required. Athletes and spectators benefit from the continuous green lawn. Compared to turf systems of comparable quality, hybrid turf systems have lower installation costs. At the same time, the post-repair and maintenance costs of hybrid turf are generally lower than other surfaces. If artificial grass is not your choice, it must be pointed out that hybrid grass is the better option for a soccer field.

When using hybrid grass, you don’t have to invest in the special equipment required for lawns. First, the maintenance costs for hybrid grass are lower than natural grass because hybrid grass has a fairly long lifespan. However, it survives twice as long as artificial grass. When making a potential investment, choosing hybrid turf will bring more profit to the business. Because ongoing maintenance costs are cheap. It is also more abrasion resistant than other finishes.

Properties of hybrid grass

The advantages of hybrid grass are numerous. By slowing down the rate of wear, it maintains surface level and homogeneity. It also improves surface shear strength and greatly increases service life. It also helps sports like soccer. It gives the impression that you are playing on real grass. It’s silky to the point where it’s flawless. Naturalness has an infinite capacity for renewal. It also has good thermal insulation and uniformity.

Installation costs for hybrid grass

Despite its unique properties, hybrid grass is a material that can be produced at low cost. However, for net hybrid lawn pricing information, contact the recommended company. This is because there are several specific factors that affect hybrid grass costs.

Construction of hybrid grass and indoor soccer fields

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