Importance of Caring for Talent in Technology

The CEO and founder of Nubiral, Maximiliano Giacri, explains how to take care of talent at a time when technology blurs the limits of companies

Although more and more companies IT consulting services require both like a tool technical and contractingThis requirement is not new.

Previously it was seen in the market that there was a strong need and there was a clear demand. professional services Database oriented.

When a new company emerges, you want to build a brand concept Since its inception, and it is always important for any company.

It is not about the related concept. Marketing Only, but more conceptually, a brand that suggests certain values ​​or certain situations.

some organizations join the value they bring to customersOriented to the quality of service, for companies that core value and necessary. And this is regardless of all the marketing work that can be done.

The importance of building a well-known brand is not only economic or commercial, but also operational.

Currently, more than 120,000 people work in the technology sector in Argentina and today it is positioned as one of the best paid industries in the country. camera Argentina of the Software Industry (CESSI).

According to the latter, there 15,000 incomplete posts all inside industry per year, of which 5,000 You 10,000 Tailor-made for companies in the IT sector.

In a competitive field like technology, where the fight for the best talent is constant, it is important to stand out.

According to ArgenCon, an entity that brings together key companies in the knowledge economy, in the last two years there has been a strong increase in the “extraction of talent” of qualified IT professionals from companies that work under individual contracts for clients. give up foreigner

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the talents of one to one hundred associates. It is necessary to be able to express human values, building a brand based on transparency. communication, trust and resilience,

That is where you can make a difference and make a difference through organizational culture. But the competition doesn’t stop at talent, it encompasses the entire market.

In this sense, one of the key factors is specialization. This is why technology profiles increasingly value (and expect) companies to become increasingly competitive and growing environments, with the potential to specialize in a variety of services, languages ​​and technologies.

Organizations are made up of people, and the key is finding the right people to do the things you want to do, no matter who they are. Finance, Marketing, o operation and distribution of peopleWith the ultimate goal, always, of a satisfied customer and a generation that is at the service of their increasingly urgent and critical needs.

*by Maximiliano Giacri, CEO and Founder of Nubiral

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