‘Ice Road Killer’ on Lifetime: How Zoë Belkin balances her personal and professional lives

Lifetime is back with another thriller series called ‘Ice Road Killer’. The channel has always delivered top-notch content, especially in the form of chilling crime dramas and thrillers. ‘Ice Road Killer’ promises to be no different.

The original synopsis for the series reads: “During a road trip to a remote northern cabin, a mother and her teenage daughter pick up a young hitchhiker who turns out to be a thief on the run from a cold-blooded killer, only to become his next target. Stars Sarah Allen and Zoë Belkin.” Read on to find out more about Zoe Belkin, who plays one of the leads.



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Who is Zoe Belkin?

Zoe is a 29-year-old actress from Toronto, Canada. She has been acting for almost two decades and has appeared in various movies and TV shows. She is perhaps best known for her role as Mercy in ‘Darken’ (2017).


What was Belkin’s first television appearance?

Zoe Belkin’s television debut was with a special appearance in the second season of the series ‘Flashpoint’, in the 2009 episode ‘Perfect Storm’. She played the role of Gina. ‘Flashpoint’ was a drama that functioned as an emotional journey into the harsh and risk-filled lives of a group of policemen in the fictional Strategic Response Unit (SRU).

Zoe started acting at the young age of 12, out of sheer passion. She made her film debut in the 2011 TV movie, ‘Salem Falls’, starring James Van Der Beek. That was her big break, eventually landing more movie and TV roles in her lap, including ‘The Story of Luke’ in 2012, ‘Perfect Sisters’ in 2014 and ‘Kiss and Cry’ in 2017. She played the role of Mercy for critical acclaim in the film ‘Darken’, directed by Audrey Cummings.


What does she do when she’s not acting?

Zoe also excels in the realm of creative arts. She is an avid oil and acrylic painter, writes poetry and short stories, takes painting classes at OCAD, and is currently working on a movie script with a writing partner. You can always find Zoe practicing her lines for auditions or at her job at a local coffee shop or Trinity Bellwoods Park. Zoe is curious, determined and confident. Like most actresses, she is constantly in class, working on her craft, and enjoys meeting and collaborating with other actors and artists.


How does Belkin balance the two sides of his life?

For Belkin, skipping college was never an option. She considered education to be incredibly important, even if it was second only to her acting career. She studied film and media at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and her studies have only enhanced her love of the arts. Although she has worked with big stars, Belkin, who appears in the upcoming ‘Carrie’ remake alongside Julianne Moore and Chloë Moretz, said she has never had any problems during filming. Despite her bustling career as an actress, she still manages to fit student life into her busy schedule.



The trailer for the series is not out yet. However, you can catch the show on June 26, exclusively on Lifetime.


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