How to watch Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club

As a subscription service, Netflix often produces its most content around specific holiday seasons. During the Christmas period, for example, Netflix has become somewhat famous in recent years for its original movie releases that celebrate the Christmas season. However, it’s Halloween that arguably takes the prize for the most Netflix-friendly season, with many original releases landing in the month of October. This year, Netflix has gone all out in its quest to be the go-to destination for spooky content, and one such release that has gotten a lot of attention is the midnight club.

When looking for inspiration, some of the best work can be found through novels, and that’s exactly what the team behind the midnight club made. Released in 1994, Christopher Pike‘s the midnight club was a hit with many young adult horror fans, and following the announcement of the upcoming series, it has had something of a renaissance with a new generation of fans of the genre. Pike is a veteran of supernatural mystery and horror novels, especially those aimed at a younger audience, so adapting one of his works is a surefire way to bring success to Netflix this Halloween. With the show just around the corner, and with the promise of being one of the featured additions to our screens this October, here’s a complete guide on how to watch. the midnight club in time for release this Halloween.


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What is the midnight club about?

Of course, like many shows, the fine details of the plot of this 10-episode horror series are not known to the public. However, since the show is based on the novel of the same name, it’s fair to expect that many of the novel’s details will be reflected on our screens. What we do know is that the writers have stayed true to the original premise, and the show focuses on the patients of Brightcliffe Hospice, who gather at midnight to share spooky stories. Once a sinister pact is made, and following an untimely death, strange events begin to occur that wreak chilling havoc on the group of friends. With such a simple yet effective premise, the original novel was a huge hit with readers, and for that reason, it’s fair to assume that many of the same themes and narrative threads will translate to the on-screen version. Despite dealing with themes of the supernatural, the midnight club it has its roots in something much more serious and moving. The original novel, despite its fantasy, touches on themes of death and mortality itself with the main characters terminally ill. This means that the show may have a difficult subject on its hands and will have to find a way to bring it to a younger audience with the same success that the soap opera did.

As with many other shows, a lot can be understood by watching the trailer which can be seen below:

Beyond plot details, the trailer gives us a glimpse of the show’s style and mood. It begins with a glimpse of Ilonka’s backstory (Magnet Benson) whose life changes when he is diagnosed with thyroid cancer and leaves to stay at Brightcliffe Hospice. This is where the main story unfolds, and then the trailer introduces us to the cast and gives us a taste of some of the witty dialogue we can expect between them. The horror style is clearly consistent with showrunner. mike flanaganPrevious work by artists such as The Curse of Hill Housewhich is great news for those who are fans of him going forward. the midnight club. There’s a sense throughout the entire trailer that this is going to be one spine-tingling roller coaster of a series, with the intensity and jump scares constantly giving us reasons to peek through our fingers as we try to hide our eyes.

Where and when can I watch The Midnight Club?

As mentioned above, this is a Netflix production and will therefore be broadcast exclusively on the platform. With its obvious ties to the Halloween season, it will come as no surprise to learn that it will be released on October 7th worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no other way to see the midnight club other than on Netflix, which you can subscribe to for $9.99 per month for a basic subscription. Additional subscriptions can be purchased, with a standard subscription priced at $15.49 per month and a premium subscription priced at $19.99 per month.

Watch on Netflix

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Who’s in the midnight club?

For a show that will rely so heavily on the performers in its ensemble, a roster of talented young actors was expected to be announced. This is exactly what we got, with a bevy of names sure to be fan favorites, at the end of the Season 1 broadcast. The original novel has five main characters: Ilonka, Kevin, Spencer, Sandra, and Anya. As mentioned above, Iman Benson (#BlackAF) plays Ilonka, but other notable names on the cast list include heather langenkamp (a nightmare on elm street) as Dr. Stanton, samantha sloyan (Shut) as Shasta, Zach Gilford (The Purge: Anarchy) like Mark, Matt Biedel (Midnight mass) as Tim, Igby Rigney (fast and furious 9) as Kevin, aya furukawa (The cabin in the woods) as Natsuki, Annara Cymone (Midnight mass) as Sandra, chris sumpter (Energy) like Spencer, and the newcomers Sauriyan Sapkota, a dayY Ruth Codd like Amesh, Cheri and Anya. Fans of showrunner Mike Flanagan will note that many of the names on the cast list have worked on his projects before with Biedel, Cymone, and Rigney having prior experience acting for him. So with the combination of Flanagan and leah fong (Once upon a time) behind the creation of the show and many of Flanagan’s most trusted actors as part of the cast, all packed within the fail-safe narrative of Christopher Pike’s brilliantly creepy 1994 horror novel, the midnight club The series seems to be unmissable this Halloween season.

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