Health Horoscope 2023: What do the eating habits suggest about the health of these zodiac signs? Let’s find out

By Nitin Manchanda: The new year is here and it’s time to make some healthy resolutions. No matter what year it is, health is always the priority for all zodiac signs. And a healthy lifestyle depends somewhat on the type of food we eat. Healthy eating habits are directly proportional to a healthy lifestyle and we couldn’t agree more, right? So, let’s find out what the eating habits suggest about the health of these zodiac signs.


They are bold, adventurous competitors and are skilled at first. Stubborn and passionate, by virtue of their nature they are always on the go, so they don’t get fat easily. They can progress best by exploiting their strength, stamina and confidence. Activities like boxing, weight lifting, martial arts, and soccer suit them best. However, they must be patient and realistic about the results. Aries love spicy food and red meat and that’s why they get anxiety, heartburn, acne, piles, hypertension, heart disease or inflammation. They should avoid spicy foods and red meat and should consume more lemons, yogurt and green vegetables. Soy, mustard, cloves, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, lemon iced tea, and plenty of water should be added to their diet along with shellfish, especially fish, as it is an important source of vitamin E, which is essential for them.


They are known to be stabilizers and are grounded. They exercise tremendous patience. Their indulgence in rich food and plenty of rest causes them to develop a lump. Since they find it difficult to commit to hard training programs, they may choose exercises like biking, walking, and swimming in a natural environment rather than indoors.


They are known to be intellectually alert. It’s not too hard for them to stay committed to an exercise routine. These people love to stay fit and flexible and like to exercise in a group. Activities like gymnastics, cycling, swimming, aerobics, dancing, and tennis are ideal. Pranayama is a must but they tend to avoid it due to restlessness. They are prone to chest disorders, asthma, cough, nervous disorders, dry skin and insomnia. Hence, the ideal food would be steamed vegetables, nuts and those rich in nutrients and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. They should add garlic, ginger, pear, oranges, and yogurt to their meals.

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They are not only sensitive, they are also emotional caregivers who love spending time with family, but they are also very tenacious. They will be motivated to lose weight if diet and nutrition become a family affair, with everyone involved. They should start swimming, stretching and exercising, as well as working out their abdomens, as they tend to gain weight there. As they are low in vitality, they should avoid alcohol, fatty foods, dairy products, non-vegetarian food, and excess salt. They should eat steamed vegetables, nuts, fruits and olive leaves.


Leos love to exercise, but they need to be coddled and coaxed. Being passionate about music, they would find aerobic dance interesting. Your exercise routine should be outdoors, preferably in the morning. Since they are prone to heart attacks, back problems, digestive problems, and migraines, they must have home-cooked food.


Virgos are tender beings, known for their perfectionism. However, they can easily get discouraged if they don’t get results right away. They are naturally capable of high-endurance exercises such as long-distance running, cycling, soccer, squash, cricket, gymnastics, and rock climbing. They should avoid street food and should have more calcium. Spinach, broccoli, and cabbage are important for your digestive system. Garlic can be had to prevent arthritis. Grams and salads should be added to your diet.


They should focus on organized, gentle fitness options such as low-impact cardio and stretching. They should avoid heavy exercises that can stress their lower back. They are prone to dry skin, insomnia, diabetes, urinary tract infections, and venereal disease. It is recommended that they have plenty of water, juice and soup. Steamed foods, garlic, ginger and yogurt are also especially important. They should follow a low-fat diet, preferably with shellfish and egg white, while apples and walnuts should be an essential part of their food. They should avoid sugar and concentrated dairy products.


They are intense and require strenuous and serious physical activities such as boxing and martial arts. However, their training should be followed by yoga and stretching, as they are prone to ligament tears and stress-induced injuries. Scorpions should avoid spicy food, red meat, alcohol, and high-fat dried fruits, as they are prone to piles and other kidney infections. The consumption of legumes should also be restricted. They should consume iron-rich foods like bananas, spinach, and apples.

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Although they are the healthiest of all, they need a lot of exercise because they eat a lot. They should focus on the upper thighs in their exercise regimen, as they are prone to diseases like obesity, liver disorders, and diabetes. They must train themselves to suppress the desire to eat junk food, spices, fats of all kinds and excessively sweet products. They should add whole grains, green vegetables, garlic, ginger, melons, papaya, guava, and oranges in their diet. They can substitute red meat for fish.


Your ideal routine should have different exercise patterns followed every day. They should avoid doing any activity that could damage their knees, bones, and joints. They are prone to arthritis, knee injuries, bone diseases, heartburn, and sinusitis. They should add more hot soups, mushrooms, seafood, fruits, and foods rich in calcium and vitamins to their diet. They should avoid beer, soft drinks, canned juices, white bread, flour, and any type of stale food.


They don’t like to feel restricted to a single routine and therefore want a variety of exercises on different days to stay motivated. Improving blood circulation is especially important for them. Activities like running and swimming are the best in this case. They are prone to spinal problems, lower leg injuries, blood disorders, and swollen ankles. They should avoid too starchy foods and should eat brown rice, sprouts, green vegetables, fish and fruits of different kinds, especially mushrooms and fish stew on a regular basis.


Pisces is not a sporty sign, so you should avoid any strenuous activity. Instead, they should sign up for yoga, dance, and water sports, all regimens that would bring balance and peace to their lives. They have a weak immune system. Therefore, they should never fall into alcohol or any addiction, as their recovery is slow. They should consume fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fiber and fiber. They should regularly go to relaxing therapies such as steam and sauna, and aromatherapy. Fizzy drinks and spicy foods should be avoided while water intake should be increased.

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