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Paul Hollywood is a pillar of the Great British Bake, becoming a member of the big top in the first series and following the show since its UK channel change, from the BBC to Channel 4. While it has been copied around the world and a new series is currently being broadcast, Hollywood continues to be one of the many outstanding judges of the bake out family.

Tough but honest, the Hollywood handshake has become quite a prestigious award, considering the baker is so well-respected in the industry. Some quotes from some contestants and from himself show what he brings to the competition and how he is guiding the next technology.


“I thought you were throwing some red herrings at me.”

James Acaster – SU2C Season 2, Episode 2

James Acaster’s stint on superstar bake out has gone down in history for a well-known quote involving the fact that he had a meltdown while developing his flapjacks. But his interaction with Judge Paul Hollywood says a lot about the judge inside the store.

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Hollywood tried to warn James that his flapjacks wouldn’t cook dinner properly, however, the comedian paid no attention. When Hollywood later confronted him about it, James claimed that he thought it was a red herring, proving just how mischievous the decision can be sometimes. It is quite common to see him stalking, trying to delay the contestants, even asking false questions to try to confuse them, as Acaster alluded.

“They are horrible. They are really bad.”

Paul Hollywood – Season 10, Episode 4

There have been a lot of strong opinions imposed on bake out and one of the frequent ones is that Paul Hollywood is a little too hard on the judges. During dairy week, when the group was busy with his technique, Hollywood was so unimpressed that he pretended to leave.

He said that they certainly are horrible, which shows that he is never afraid to mince his words. She will shoot from the hip every time because she has such high expectations. But the reason for that is because he truly believes in all the bakers involved and he knows that they will do better.

“As a prisoner, yes!”

Paul Hollywood – Season 10, Episode 4

If most people still don’t know this in bake out, Hollywood only wants to eat the best and isn’t afraid to tell contestants that. He understands that these types of foods must be a problem and he encourages everyone in the store to put their best foot forward. But he is comfortable joking and teasing the contestants about their cakes as well.

He jokes with Henry in Dairy Week that if he was given his cake in jail, he would probably eat it. It’s a hilarious moment that showcases the judge’s sarcastic sense of humor and the unconventional ways in which he could give suggestions to the bakers, while remaining jovial.

“That’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen on bread.”

Paul Hollywood – Season 6, Episode 3

There has only been one particular suggestion in the history of the carp and that came for an original Paul who crafted something special on bread week. It was a formidable activity to create a complete lion with the bread for him. The design was extremely complex.

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Paul Hollywood is comfortable separating his ego when he wants to and he really does offer a great payoff. In all his years in the industry, he had never seen anything like the lion on Paul’s bread and told him it was the best he had ever seen on bread. It’s quite humiliating to admit that.

“He really didn’t want to give me one, because he’s already given me two.”

Stacey Hart – Season 8, Episode 5

The Hollywood handshake has become a fairly common phrase in the bake out store. More than just a funny catchphrase, the handshake actually spells a big deal for contestants, who want to try and take their baking game to the next level. It’s a proper stamp of approval.

Paul Hollywood is so grounded within the legacy of bake out itself, that the consideration of a handshake is equal to winning a Star Baker Award. She famously handed out three at Season 8’s Dairy Week, with contestant Stacey reflecting on how necessary it was for her to still get one showing how motivating it is and certainly how reluctant she was to hand out so many.

“With all the love in the world, I’m not going to eat it.”

Paul Hollywood – Season 7, Episode 3

Paul Hollywood is not exactly like Prue Leith or Mary Berry. If something is completely disgusting, both judges will go the extra mile to come up with a good review and show that they still appreciate the work that was done. However, Paul Hollywood is a bit different.

If something appears to be vile, it just won’t contact you. When Candice didn’t put out a proper babka on bread week, Hollywood took a look at her, she realized how undercooked she was and said she wasn’t going to eat it. She has to damage, but only strengthens the bakers.

“Just taking that with a cup of tea.”

Paul Hollywood – Interview (and most seasons)

Like all Britons, Paul Hollywood loves a cup of tea. In fact, it’s hard to pin down a particular date over the various seasons of to bake, because it seems like almost every week he says that if he had a choice cake with a cup of tea, that would be nice.

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In a way, it demonstrates the simplicity of what makes Hollywood comfortable and what good baking is all about. According to an interview with Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, he went on to say that he would enjoy some more baking with a nice cup of tea on the side. He is an amazing spirit to pass on to the store.

“Will you come to my house and cook this?”

Paul Hollywood – Season 8, Episode 6

Paul Hollywood understands the important position that family has in the kitchen. When Liam created a beautiful cake, based on his grandmother’s recipe, Hollywood couldn’t help but be impressed. He paid tribute to Liam’s grandmother and even invited her over to her house to show him the proper way to create such an amazing dish.

It shows how he values ​​information that is passed down from generation to generation and is always open to trying new flavors and food combinations. He has really been very open when it comes to getting to know the contestants’ houses, appreciating everything they help bring to the tent.

“Don’t stand behind Pablo and just agree with him. Just be yourself and go for it.’”

Prue Leith – Interview

Given what fans know about Paul Hollywood, he can be a pretty big presence inside the big top and can be formidable for newcomers. When Mary Berry stepped down from being one of the many judges and handed over the baton to Prue Leith, she gave her a stern warning. Prue recounted this dialogue in an interview with the Daily Express.

The citation demonstrates that Paul Hollywood appears to be responsible for the evaluation process in to bake, but when someone fights to have their voice heard, pay attention. He shows that he is an impulse to be reckoned with, but he must also be reckoned with by his peers.

“They’re like the eyes of an arctic fox.”

Louis Theroux – SU2C Season 3, Episode 1

Although it is not a quote, silence usually speaks much more than any sentence. Paul Hollywood has become quite famous for his pendulous blue eyes, but they’ll get pretty menacing before too long. Paul Hollywood’s icy gaze is something that no contestant should have in their sights.

Sometimes, he uses his gaze to throw someone off their game, showing off his quirky sense of humor. But in other cases, he’s really into what they’re doing, and the bakers actually get a little warning that can come in handy if they’re having trouble concentrating. Famed baker Louis Theroux mused that his eyes were practically wolflike and positively creepy.

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