Goals and Highlights: Jordan 2-0 Syria in Friendly Match | 09/23/2022

Goals and summary: Jordan 2-0 Syria in Friendly Match

Jordan in the World Cup qualifiers // Source: GettyImages

16:07 3 hours ago

90’| Full Time

16:07 3 hours ago

75’|Fifteen minutes

15:25 3 hours ago

65’|’|No nearby calls

There are 25 minutes left and neither team is taking any chances. Jordan has done his homework in the first half and is controlling the ball without rushing.

15:11 3 hours ago

46’| The second half starts

The second part begins at the King Abdullah II Stadium. Jordan, so far, outperforming Syria

15:09 4 hours ago

45′ | Halftime

End of the first half. We arrived at halftime in Jordan with a victory for the local team. Great first 45 minutes for the home team that did not let Syria play.

15:03 4 hours ago

45′ Goal by Al Tamari

Jordan goal. The locals increase their advantage in a game that they have very under control. Jordan 2-0 Syria

14:46 4 hours ago

39’| syria test

Long shot from the 13 visitor. Jordan is in control of the match and Sirira can only shoot from far away. They can’t shoot on goal.

14:42 4 hours ago

30’| Al Naimat, out

Number 7 came up with a great move, but failed to hit his shot. Jordan continues to win and dominate the game.

14:33 4 hours ago

25’| jordan goal

Al Tamari’s goal. The number 11 picked up a rebound at the edge of the box and the low shot went into the net. Jordan takes the lead, 1-0

14:18 4 hours ago

15’| goal minutes

A few minutes of rehearsal between the two teams, with Syria trying to run down the flanks, but at the moment there are no dangerous approaches.

13:59 5 hours ago

hymns sound

The hymns of both teams begin to play. The match between Jordan and Syria is about to start.

13:57 5 hours ago

this is about to start

Both teams take to the field. this is going to start soon

13:42 5 hours ago

last three games

Jordan has won his last three games, two of them at home. Syria, meanwhile, has won two and drawn one.

13:42 5 hours ago


The match between Jordan vs Syria will be played in Jordan at King Abdullah II Stadium. The match will start at 9:00 p.m. local time.

13:42 5 hours ago

Since 2019

Since 2019, the Syrian national team has not beaten Jordan at home. The last time he won it was by the minimum, 0-1.

13:09 6 hours ago

already in the stadium

Both teams have recently arrived at the stadium. Warm-up exercises in preparation for the match will begin soon.

13:08 6 hours ago

We are here

Hello again. We are back to report on the match between Jordan vs Syria. Follow the online broadcast of this match on VAVEL.

12:17 18 hours ago

Syria celebrating a goal

12:12 18 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Jordan vs. Syria

12:07 19 hours ago

The possible alignment of Syria

For her part, Tita could line up with the next eleven to face Jordan. Ahmad, Jenyat, Al-Ahmad, Krouma, Kerdagli, Al Mawas, Hamisha, Anz, Al Marmour, Mardikian and Al Dali.

12:02 19 hours ago

Jordan’s Possible Lineup

Jordan can field the next eleven to face Syria. Abu Laila, Haddad, Naseeb, Alarab, Aldmeiri, AL Tamari, Samir, Abdel-Rahman, Al Rawabdeh, Olwan and Al-Naimat.

23:47 19 hours ago

last match between them

The last time they met was in November 2020 in a friendly match. The match was won by Jordan by the narrowest margin, 1-0. The author of the goal was Faisal, who would be important in the outcome of the match. The striker was shown a double yellow card before the break and left his team with 10 men for more than 45 minutes. In the end, Jordan took the win.

23:42 19 hours ago

history between them

These teams have met a total of eight times. The home team has won more than its opponents. Jordan has won five times, while Syria has won three games.

23:37 19 hours ago

Asian Cup, Jordan

As for Jordan, he has played three games in which he has won all three. With this full of victories, the Asian team adds nine points out of a possible nine. In the group stage classification, they are the absolute leader and therefore advance to the next round of the Asian Cup.

23:27 19 hours ago

Jordan’s last game

Jordan resoundingly won against Kuwait 3-0. The match corresponded to day 3 of the group stage of the Asian Cup. The locals needed a victory to finish top of the group and that’s how it was. The first half was goalless but there were several scoring chances. The first goal came in the 62nd minute, thanks to Olwan. Al Mardi increased the lead to two and teammate Al Rawabdeh scored the third and final goal to give Jordan the win.

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