Gabriel Magalhaes provides a surprise update on the Arsenal forward’s chase ahead of the transfer window

Arsenal centre-back Gabriel Magalhaes has given an update on the transfer hunt for Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus. The Gunners are on the hunt for a new leading man this summer and the Brazilian is reportedly high on their wish list.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left for Barcelona in the January transfer window and while it now looks like Eddie Nketiah will stay at the Emirates, Alexandre Lacazette will also leave. Mikel Arteta will have big gaps to fill in Arsenal’s attack and he has reached out to a player he coached at City.

Jesus has reportedly informed his side that he wants to pursue alternative options this summer. The Brazilian has been on and off Pep Guardiola’s squad this season and with Erling Haaland arriving from Borussia Dortmund, his chances are likely to be even slimmer.

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But the Spaniard didn’t get caught by the rumors earlier this season, informing a press conference: “I want to tell you something, Gabriel is our player. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but he’s a Manchester City player.

“But Gabriel doesn’t have to perform like today to score four goals to know exactly what he’s capable of. Against Liverpool in the FA Cup he had two clear chances man-to-man and he missed them but he’s always there and Gabriel has this incredible ability because he’s always thinking about what’s best for the team.

“A billion moves, he’s not getting the ball and he’s still making a billion moves for the others. And personally, on nights like this, I’m the happiest man in the world because he’s always there. If he’s not playing, he trains the next day like it’s his last day, so he’s going to have a long career, he’s going to have a successful career because he’s incredibly positive and thinks for the team.”

Arsenal already have a Brazilian presence in the dressing room, with both Gabriel Magalhaes and Gabriel Martinelli playing regularly under Arteta. The former held a press conference earlier this week as he prepares for his international debut alongside Tite and spoke about his club’s hunt for Jesus.

“We joke around in the dressing room, but nothing is certain,” Gabriel said at a press conference this week. “Obviously he’s a top-class player and if he goes to Arsenal he would help us a lot.”

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