Free Movie of the Day: South African horror movie Tokoloshe: The Calling

On the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, we’ll be posting a full movie every weekday, giving viewers the chance to watch it completely free of charge. the free movie of the day we have for you today is the 2020 south african horror movie Tokoloshe: The Callalso known by the title Tokoloshe: an African curse. You can watch the movie on the YouTube channel linked above, or you can just watch it in the embed at the top of this article.

Directed by Richard Green, who also wrote the screenplay with Arish Sirkissoon, Tokoloshe has the following synopsis:

Arish Vema, a successful writer and media personality, takes his new family of designers to an abandoned hotel in the Transkei to finish his long-awaited novel. He is accompanied by his white wife Angela and their adopted Zulu daughter, Ntombi. At the hotel, strange things begin to happen that leave the family lost. The hotel is revealed to have a dark past where many murders have taken place since its establishment in 1808. There are rumors that this evil comes from the land being cursed since it was stolen from its natives. The hotel contains an ominous door that the family is afraid to enter. Meanwhile, in a nearby town, Thembi, a high school teacher, experiences strange visions and dreams linking her to a gruesome past in the same hotel. Something seems to be “calling” her to return to the hotel for unfinished business. She seeks professional help from Dr. Richards, a well-known psychologist. She hopes that her interventions can help her get rid of the “call”. Through a sequence of events, Thembi and Dr. Richards return to the hotel and Thembi is finally faced with what she has been calling her for years: the Tokoloshe.

If you prefer a shorter synopsis:

A successful writer goes to an abandoned hotel with his wife and adopted daughter to finish his long-awaited follow-up book when strange things start to happen. At the same time, a high school teacher is forced to deal with her gruesome past that is tied to the same hotel.

The film stars Angela Balkovic, Rubendra Govender, Sanjay Laljith, Lloyd Grant O’Connor, Neerusha Oogorah, Shezi Sibongiseni, Arish Sirkissoon, Roelof Twijnstra, and Lwandile Xaba.

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Tokoloshe it is only the second directing credit for Green, who previously directed the 1982 TV movie Praise. That’s a big gap between productions. Green works more steadily as a producer, production manager, and first assistant director. His early AD credits include American Ninja 2: The Showdown Y District 9.

so take a look at Tokoloshe – It’s free! – and tell us what you thought by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

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Tokoloshe Free Movie of the Day

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