Football pitches are one of the most important aspects of match day

The pitch can be a source of pride and joy for a football club and, when mismanaged, something that fans and managers alike moan about. Maintaining a pristine pitch results in a better game of football and makes it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Unless the club in question uses turf or a hybrid surface, maintaining the turf is a full-time occupation. The biggest clubs in the country have huge staffs whose entire job is to make sure the pitch looks immaculate and is optimal to play on. This is work that requires a lot of watering and planning in terms of sunlight.

Groundsmen tend to take great pride in their work, which can be seen in the barrage of insults when someone who shouldn’t be on the pitch steps onto the lawn. Lots of clubs too

High-Tech Advances

Not only has technology infiltrated the way player performance and recovery is judged, but it has found its way into everything from large clubs to smaller institutions. New innovations like robots dealing with line marking and the like. This ensures that everything is exactly to the book and saves a lot of time from not having to go out and do everything by hand. A field painter has made it possible for even small clubs to have pitches with first class markings.

However, this was also applied to field irrigation. Today, large arenas use massive, industrial irrigation machines set on specific schedules set up by an expert. Knowledge of how to grow turf most efficiently has increased massively in recent years and today pretty much any club with enough resources can boast of having a top quality pitch to play on.

The quality of the grass determines the game

By having a turf that meets the same requirements, you enable players to play soccer in their most efficient way. Nowadays there are strict regulations on how tall the grass can be and if the grass is not healthy it will affect the game negatively.

The grass is tested before the game

The country’s football pitches are regularly inspected by the FA. Here the officials check the quality, strength and general playability of the turf. There are very strict guidelines as to how hard and how soft the surface can be so that the players don’t run the risk of injuring themselves if they make a mistake

Grass pitches are rare in the professional game, but where grass is difficult to grow or where the cost of live turf is prohibitive, they have become commonplace.

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