Football finance expert details the benefit of announcing ownership of Sunderland

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has explained how Kyril Louis-Dreyfus and Juan Sartori can benefit from their increased stake in Sunderland.

The two businessmen now own 51 and 30 percent stakes in the club, respectively Notice earlier this week.

The move bought Charlie Methven’s 5 percent stake outright and reduced Stewart Donald’s to 19 percent.

This now gives Louis-Dreyfus more control over the money invested in the Black Cats.

The club’s shareholders make proportional financial contributions based on their percentage control.

Maguire believes this decision by Louis-Dreyfus will now give him much more influence over the club’s decisions.

He likened it to a coalition government, citing that the controlling shareholder still had to make compromises with its owning partners, but that he would still have the most leverage in any discussions about Sunderland’s future.

“He was the largest shareholder, now the largest shareholder is not the same as the majority,” Maguire said of Sunderland Echo.

“You need to get to 51% where you can effectively dictate things a lot more directly now.

“If you have 51% ownership, you can now dictate who will run the club again, while at 41% he had to bring Sartori on board.

“Nobody knows exactly what Sartori’s motives are regarding Sunderland.

“The 51% gives you the right to vote on important decisions. It’s a bit like having a coalition government where you have to make compromises.

“It allows him to better control the club’s strategy in terms of funding.”

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The club signed Trai Hume from Glentoran

News of this announcement came amid speculation to link a cryptocurrency firm known as The Fans Together to purchase shares in the club.

Sunderland are now preparing for life in the Championship, with the opening game of the season now being played against Coventry City on July 31.

The judgment

The biggest relief from this development will be that it has stopped the cryptocurrency group from acquiring stakes in the club.

That would have been an unwelcome turn in the history of ownership at Sunderland, which has had a rocky few years lately anyway.

A majority stake in the club will now give Louis-Dreyfus a reasonable level of control but he still needs to work closely with the other owners for the club’s benefit.

Having that sorted out for the summer transfer window will also give a boost as it should avoid unnecessary distractions for the club’s hierarchy.

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