Football fans were disgusted with beer at games despite “45,000 pints being drawn per game”.

Have you ever been disappointed with the beer you were served at a soccer stadium? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone in feeling this way.

What could be nicer than that match day feeling after a long week and even better the first beer when entering the stadium. But according to a recent survey by FootyBevsmore than 86 percent of football fans are dissatisfied with the beer served in the stadiums, even though they continue to pay for it.

The FootyBevs Twitter account has given fans a platform to share their horrifying experiences with some questionable drink options, although there are some exceptions. and Daily star sport we’ve teamed up with Heineken UK and FootyBevs to see exactly what to expect when you’re served this pint on match day.

After the success of the Twitter profile FootyScran, which highlights the best and worst food served on football pitches, FootyBevs was founded last November. It has since amassed over 65,000 followers as fans share snaps of the best (and worst) pints they’ve been served at stadiums across the country.

And after noting that many fans were suffering from bad experiences, a poll was released on the profile where 86 percent of respondents said they were disappointed with beer on football pitches. And due to the shocking numbers, Heineken UK invited Daily Star Sport to the London stadium to show fans exactly what to expect.

London Stadium is the home of West Ham United and 45,000 pints are served on a typical match day, with 360 bar staff on hand to cater to the 65,000 fans who arrive weekly. Heineken has ensured that the beer quality at the London Stadium is excellent, but that doesn’t mean other stadiums live up to the same expectations.

West Ham rake in 45,000 pints every matchday at the London Stadium
West Ham rake in 45,000 pints every matchday at the London Stadium

FootyBevs owner Tom Sibley told Daily Star Sport: “Since we launched FootyBevs around 6 months ago we have been overwhelmed by the response from football fans who have shared pictures of their good and not-so-good pints in droves. Most drinks that are shared usually look pretty good, but there were definitely a few shockers!”

But if there’s one man who knows how to serve a pint, it’s Gary Smith, who is draft master at Heineken UK. Smith’s job is to travel across the country making sure Heineken is served correctly, with football stadiums being a priority. And as an avid football fan, Smith knows how important a good pint can be to enriching the game day experience.

“As a huge football fan and beer drinker, I know firsthand how important it is to be served a first class pint as part of the overall game day experience,” said Smith. “It’s easy to empathize when fans are frustrated after queuing at the bar only to be served a poorly poured drink.”

Gary Smith is Master Draft at Heineken UK
Gary Smith is Master Draft at Heineken UK

And with the help of Heineken and Smith, London Stadium CEO Graham Gilmore is satisfied everyone is being served the perfect pint when they see West Ham. Gilmore said: “On a typical match day, London Stadium can hold up to 60,000 fans. It takes a tremendous amount of forward planning, logistics, and teamwork to ensure every visitor gets the best experience.

“Delaware North, the operator of food and drink services at London Stadium, employs around 360 specially trained kiosk attendants every game day, serving over 45,000 pints from 174 taps around the venue and pumping through 830 feet of draft beer and cider pipes – what corresponds to more than 8 times the length of the field.”

Lots of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure the pints flow freely and quickly, but all football fans care about their beers being on point. And judging by some of the experiences shared on FootyBevs, unfortunately that’s not always the case!

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