First look at new technology school plans after demolition of historic Wolverhampton School

An artist's impression of what the new Wednesfield Technology Primary School on Lichfield Road will look like.  Image: Q+A Planning.
An artist’s impression of what the new Wednesfield Technology Primary School on Lichfield Road will look like. Image: Q+A Planning.

Development of the former Edward the Elder Primary School site on Lichfield Road, Wednesfield is now moving forward with plans for the proposed Wednesfield Technology Primary School due to be presented to council on 13 September.

Submitted by Birmingham-based Tilbury Douglas Construction Ltd, the application for the new two-story school will also include a complete refurbishment of the existing accommodation building, which remains on the site.

If approved, plans will see the creation of a playground next to the new school building. The current playing field will also be restored with the addition of a new sports field.

Wolverhampton’s education chief, Labor Councilor Chris Burden, said while it was sad to see the old building demolished, the new school would provide a wealth of modern facilities for a wide range of pupils.

“It’s been great to hear all the different stories people have about their time at school in this part of Wolverhampton,” he said.

“From reading the planning application, it is clear that the developer is reaching out to the local community and taking their concerns into account.

“This part of Wolverhampton deserves a new high-tech school that prepares students for the modern world. Like others, I wish it had been possible inside the old buildings, but the new building will be fully accessible to students with disabilities and able to accommodate more students in a purpose built building.

“This will also help address provision on this side of town and ensure there is capacity to serve the growing population.

“I hope that 100 years from now, people will fondly remember their time at this new school as it provides support to the hundreds of new families living in Wednesfield,” added Cllr Burden, a member of the council’s education cabinet. skills and work.

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Although not listed, the former landmark structure, one of the city’s oldest school buildings, dates back to 1910 but has stood empty and all but forgotten since 2007. The date stone was carefully removed and will be relocated next to the entrance of the new development. .

Former Mayor Councilor Greg Brackenridge said, “Proposals for a new technical school on the site of the former Wednesfield Village/Edward the Elder Primary School on Lichfield Road are welcome, as school places are in high demand in our area.

“I am particularly pleased that the current hostel building on the site remains, as it is historically linked to the original school. I understand that the building will be used as a support room for students and families.

“In addition, I am aware of the concerns of some local residents and businesses regarding parking issues in the area expressed during the public consultation, and these issues will be taken into account at the planning committee meeting in September.

“The proposed site-based ‘drop off’ loop is designed to alleviate any potential problems and ensure students arrive safely.

“Education is a key priority for all communities. If the proposal passes, expanding educational opportunities for local children will serve Wednesfield’s future generations,” she added.

Once opened, the number of students in the school is expected to be 420 in primary school and 26 (three to four year olds) in the on-site nursery. There will be 45 full-time employees when the facility is operating at full capacity.

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