Everything You Need To Know About Jade Wesker Actress Ella Balinska

the netflix series demonic resident highlights the events leading up to the zombie apocalypse made famous in the video game series of the same name. To tell the story, the TV show introduces new characters and a new cast. Here’s a look at Ella Balinska, the actress who plays Jade Wesker in the exciting new reboot.

Ella Balinska Plays Jade Wesker in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’

Resident Evil Netflix Ella Balinska Jade Wesker
Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ | Netflix

demonic resident It’s based on the popular ’90s video game, but brings a slightly new story to the franchise. Milla Jovovich’s Six demonic resident Films – demonic resident (2002), Apocalypse (2004), Extinction (2007), Future life (2010), Revenge (2012), and the final chapter (2017) β€” Focus on Alice, a hero fighting against the Umbrella Corporation and the zombie invasion it created.

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