Everything We Know About ‘Madame Web’

We’re heading back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the Spiderman franchise. And no, we’re not talking about Tom Holland and Zendaya possibly reprising their roles in spider man 4. There’s a new spinoff movie directed by a woman on the way. Dakota Johnson to Star as Sony’s First Female Superhero in Independent Film lady web.

Details about the long-awaited film have been slowly being revealed, but we have secured some details about the cast and synopsis. Below, find everything we know about Madame Web.

Who is in Madame Web?

May 24th, Deadline confirmed that Celeste O’Connor signed on to appear on lady web. The exact role of the actor in the film has not yet been announced. Celeste previously starred Ghostbusters: Beyond Y currently stars in Paramount +’s The intermediate alongside Joey King.

Deadline also confirmed that Euphoria rising star Sydney Sweeney will also join the cast of lady web on a nameless piece of paper.

what will it be lady web be about?

According DeadlineMadame Web “will be an origin story for the clairvoyant, whose psychic abilities allow her to see into the world of spiders.” If the movie is going to be based solely on the Madame Web comic book series, then viewers will be in for a treat. Madame Web, a mutant, first appeared in The amazing Spider Man Comic No. 210. Plagued by a lifetime of blindness and a chronic autoimmune disorder, Cassandra Webb, an elderly woman, experienced extensive neurological decline throughout her life. According Wonderful, specializes in predicting the future of Spider-related superheroes. She even mentored Spider-Man and headed a group of superheroes that would later be called Spider-Woman.

Madame Web fell into a coma and suffered short-term memory loss after she tried to help Spider-Man prevent the assassination of a political figure. Once she regains her memory, she reunites with Spider-Man and asks him to retrieve one of the necessary artifact fragments that would aid her in the Gathering of the Five arcane ritual to save her life. Of the five options: knowledge, power, immortality, madness, or death, Spider-Man helps her receive immortality, which helps her revert to a younger, healthier version of herself.

When does Madame Web come out?

The first of its kind for Sony Pictures, lady web is scheduled for release on July 7, 2023.

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