Everton talent McAllister on Coleman Connection and Blues Dream

In the latest issue of our My football trip Series, Everton’s Northern Ireland junior international Sean McAllister talks about how he followed a path similar to the Blues’ Club captain, his first impressions of Everton after joining as a 16-year-old and his Toffees ambitions…


I actually played Gaelic football and hurling before taking up football like Seamus Coleman did when he was younger.

I was about seven years old when my Gaelic manager asked me and my brother to play for a local football team called Chimney Corner. That’s how it all started. We used to go to Seven-a-Side every Friday night and I just loved it.

However, playing Gaelic was a big part of my childhood and I played up until the year before I signed for Everton in 2019. I still enjoy watching it on TV and when I was home over Easter I went to see my brother play it.


I played in the NI Super Cup, a major youth tournament in Northern Ireland with lots of teams from all over the world taking part. It used to be called the Milk Cup.

I represented my district team, Co. Antrim, at the U16 edition and we won – we beat Man United on penalties in the final and I scored on penalties! It was such a beautiful week and an experience I will never forget.


I played soccer with my older brother’s age group and because I was much shorter than the other players I was usually on the wing or up front.

I loved playing there, having that freedom and I scored quite a few goals. Scoring goals from midfield is a big part of my game now and that confidence I have in front of goal probably comes from playing in those attacking positions before.

When I first joined Everton…

I loved the place right away since I first came here for a rehearsal. Everyone at the club is just so friendly and my family felt the same way.

The guys in the squad made me feel like I’d been there for years. I inserted myself immediately. My grandfather stopped by recently and he enjoyed every minute of it too. Everton are just full of good people.

I feel really comfortable here. I live with Dylan Graham, also a goalkeeper from Northern Ireland, and Charlie Whitaker. It’s a good group and we got along really well.

Sean McAllister

I loved the place right away since I first came here for a rehearsal. The guys in the squad made me feel like I’d been there for years.

MY EVERTON ambition is…

I want to reach the highest possible level with this club. I love coming here every day and I just love it here.

One of my best buddies is Isaac Price – we play in the same Northern Ireland youth team – and it’s great to see him in the first team and to be part of the matchday squad. It shows that the way is there.

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