Dragonfly Capital Managing Partner Says Cardano Has Religion Without Tech, Charles Hoskinson Reacts

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Charles Hoskinson gave a sarcastic response to comments about Cardano being more of a religious community.

In a recent interview, Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital, revealed the reason why some of the big players in the cryptocurrency space are disassociating themselves from Cardano.

Quereshi said that “super rich, powerful and extremely attractive people” do not think about investing in Cardano because the project only has religion and not technology.

“Every investor understands that cryptocurrency is a combination of technology and religion. You have to have both. You can’t just have one.” Quereshi was quoted as saying.

He said that while Cardano has religion, the popular crypto project does not have the necessary technology to attract wealthy investors.

“The problem is that if you only have religion without technology, you will become more of a religious community. And technologists are very bummed out about that.” he added.

Cardano enthusiasts criticize Quereshi

Quereshi’s derogatory comments about Cardano angered supporters of the project, who took to the comments section on Twitter to air their grievances.

A major Cardano influencer who goes by the pseudonym ADA Whale was among those who criticized Quereshi for saying that Cardano has only religion without technology.

ADA Whale shared an old tweet from the Cardano development team, Input Output Global (IOG), showing the blockchain technology roadmap.

Cardano founder reaction

While many Cardano enthusiasts openly criticized Quereshi for the comment, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, responded with a caustic response.

Hoskinson noted that since Cardano only has religion, they should pack up and abandon the project, shut down all the research academies, lay off all the engineers, and buy some religious robes as they go.

“We need some volunteers to price bulk kool-aid orders,” Hoskinson said, adding, “We might as well shut down all those academic research centers and lay off hundreds of engineers while we’re at it.”

In the meantime, Hoskinson has publicly criticized venture capitalists for not supporting Cardano like other projects.

However, he noted that since Venture capitalists do not want to give Cardano the necessary support To push the project to greater heights, the community will come together to do things for themselves.

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