Double chance in football betting

Currently, there are many variables and types of bets that can be made by different bookmakers for any event, whether it is sports, politics or shows.

If we talk about football, the most common type of bet is the winner of the match, but we have seen how bookmakers have gradually added different types of bets that can be made in a match, whether it is the Disadvantagethe number of passes in the game, the number of corner kicks, who will score a goal, the result of the first half, among others.

One of them is the double chanceand then we will tell you what it is and how to use it so that your bets by this method are more effective and, of course, you can win more money.

What is a Double Chance?

One of the most popular types of bets today is the double chancewhich covers two possible outcomes in the same match and minimizes the risk of losing, but reduces the amount of winnings you receive.

in a double chance bet, we bet on two of the three possible results of the match, so that we have a 66.6% chance of winning, compared to 33.3% for conventional bets. It is a very common market in football, although we also find it in sports such as handball or rugby, where a draw is possible.

This is a very interesting option in sports betting, especially when your favorite team in the bet has very low odds of winning the match. In this way, you give the bet a certain margin of error when betting on another result of the same match.

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It is also a way to minimize the error in your bets. For example, taking the most important football classic in the world, Real Madrid vs. Barcelonaplaying in the Camp Nouit will always be a decisive game for each team, you can bet on FC Barcelona and draw. In this case, the odds are less than the simple victory of FC Barcelonabut you will win the bet if barca win the match or if it ends in a draw.

Types of double chance bets

All the bookmakers that offer double chance includes three betting options:

  1. 1X: we bet on the home win or draw. the away win lose the bet.

  2. x2: we bet on the away win or draw. the home win lose the bet.

  3. 12: we bet on the home or away win. the Tie lose the bet.

When to use the Double Chance bet

When placing bets on double chance, the most important thing of all is to analyze the real situation that each team is experiencing. The level they have shown, the situation in the classification table, therefore, knowing the odds of the bookmakers becomes secondary. You have to analyze the trends of both teams, such as their performance at home or away, injuries and penalties, and other conditions such as whether or not they have played games during the week, coming from a fifa date, or locker room problems that may affect the team’s performance.

We must take all the aspects that may affect the result of the match into account when selecting the type of bet we want to make.

Depending on the risk you want to take, you will use double chance bet more or less often. They are a very interesting market to minimize risks, whether you are a novice player or in combination bets. There are a number of situations where it is interesting to play with the double chance since the odds are interesting and there are serious options for the bet to come out.

Bookmakers with Double Chance market

Observing the particular characteristics of this type of bet, one might think that there are not many bookmakers that have this type of market, but the truth is that it is a type of bet that we can find in a large number of online sites that allow us to make these bets.

If you want to take risks with this type of bet and want to increase your chances of winning and, at the same time, your profits, in Soccerbets365’s site, you can choose the bookmaker that’s the best for you.

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