Dogecoin, Baby Doge Coin and Mushe Token take over the crypto market

the crypto The market has evolved significantly since it began. In its early years, most users invested in Bitcoin as the main crypto to generate huge profits, but since then things have changed a lot. A good example of this is the success of Dogecoin (DOGE). Initially created to make a Bitcoin joke and the crypto market in general, is now the largest meme coin in the market. Since then, the market has become oversaturated with a range of various currencies. While some are not as good as others, Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) Y Mushe Token (XMU) they are two coins that have the potential to take over the market.

The influence of Dogecoin

doecoin it was the first meme coin to enter the market. The term ‘meme coin‘ stems from the fact that DOGE was created as a joke, however, this cryptocurrency became extremely important in the market. Influencing hundreds of new projects every day, meme coins aspire to achieve the same level of success.

A turning point for doecoin that was when Elon Musk first publicly endorsed him. As Musk plays an important role in the crypto market, influencing users around the world to invest in certain currencies, this helped DOGE reach a milestone. When the information that Musk invested in Dogecoin became public, the value of DOGE increased significantly. Since Dogecoin has become the market leader; it currently ranks 10th on CoinMarketCap.

Baby Doge Coin follows in his father’s footsteps

Just like Dogecoin, baby doge coin it was also initially created as a joke. As a meme coin, BabyDoge is marketed through a comedic lens, claiming to have learned some lessons from his father. DOGE. Trying to impress her father by showing off his enhanced transaction speeds, BabyDoge is on par to potentially reach a DOGE-like level of success.

Also, baby doge coin it is hyperdeflationary with static reflection, which means that more BabyDoge coins are automatically added to the user’s wallet when making a transaction.

Inspired by Dogecoin, babydoge It has a lot of potential to conquer the market. Plus, its core message of spreading awareness of animal adoption is another reason why users love BabyDoge.

How does Mushe compare?

Although Mushe Token is not a meme coinstill has the same potential for success as babydoge, if not more. XMU is currently on presale which means token prices are low as it plans to launch on July 4, 2022.

XMU it is a decentralized token that facilitates peer-to-peer interaction, rewards, and governance. With the purpose of driving the adoption of blockchain by increasing the accessibility of digital assets for users, Mushe tab is determined to further educate society about digital finance.

Although it is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain, mushe Symbolic intends to migrate to the open Stellar network as it is a proven and reputable blockchain for its low transaction costs, a feature that Ethereum lacks.

With plans in place for a ‘MusheVerse’, it will become a space for NFTs, P2E games, and more.

Therefore, it appears that Mushe is on its way to taking over the crypto market once launched. This is the best time to invest since it is in pre-sale and XMU token prices will only increase.

Learn more about the Mushe token here:



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