Derry vs Donegal: Player ratings from Sunday’s Ulster Senior Football Final

Derry Player Ratings

Odran Lynch

Donegal put enormous pressure on Derry’s kick-outs in the second half and Lynch had to go short several times. Spilled Langan’s shot which was stopped by Odhran McFadden Ferry. 6.5

Chrissy McKaigue

As expected, McKaigue was Paddy McBrearty’s shadow for the duration of the Ulster final. McBrearty was often isolated as Donegal’s only inside forward and McKaigue kept him out of the game scoreless. 8th

Brendan Rogers (Star Man)

Brendan Rogers put on a man-of-the-match performance as Derry won their first Ulster title in 24 years
Brendan Rogers put on a man-of-the-match performance as Derry won their first Ulster title in 24 years

Perhaps it was written in the stars that Derry would win if their full-back scored three points from play! Rogers was set to tag Michael Murphy but as the Donegal skipper fell behind the Slaughtneil ace took the opportunity to bomb forward. Maintained his calm, produced a crucial score in the second overtime of overtime and set up Glass for the insurance point. 9

Conor McCluskey

Conor McCluskey has been a real unsung hero of this Derry team this season and he put in another fine performance on Sunday. Jamie Brennan scored 4-0 against Cavan in the last game – McCluskey kept him scoreless. 8th

Conor Doherty

Had spells chasing Ryan McHugh and defended well. Landed a good result to level Derry midway through the second half. 7

Gareth McKinless

After his brilliant performances against Tyrone and Monaghan, it was no surprise Donegal paid more attention to Gareth McKinless. The Ballinderry clubman didn’t exert the same influence on the game but showed real determination to score for Doherty in the second half. 6.5

Padraig McGrogan

Made an excellent tackle midway through the second half to take the ball away from Michael Langan and put in another solid defensive display. 7.5

Conor glass

Like McKinless, Conor Glass wasn’t given the same space as on previous outings. However, Glass came to the fore late when the game was in the Crucible. Missed a chance to seal the game in regular time but made amends to land the insurance result at the end of overtime. 7

Niall Toner

Spent much of the game alternating in midfield and had Stephen McMenamin for company. Didn’t have much of a goal threat and was substituted late but reinstated in extra time. 6.5

Paul Cassidy

Kicked Derry’s first point of the game but, like Glass, missed a late chance to put his side ahead at the end of regular time. The existence and the speed of work could not be faulted. 7.5

Shea Downey

He scored his first point in the Ulster Championship and fell behind as an extra defender, something he has done in Derry’s previous games. 7

Ethan Doherty

Once again, Derry’s goal was engineered by the superb Ethan Doherty. Was involved in many more goals and played some nice kick passes in the second half, although his colleagues didn’t always convert. One of the previous players of the championship. 8.5

Benny Heron

Couldn’t repeat semi-final exploits as Caolan Ward kept Heron firmly under control the whole time. Didn’t stop influencing the game and was another one coming on again in overtime. 6.5

Shane McGuigan

Derry will feel McGuigan should have been awarded more frees and he carried the fight to Donegal throughout. Scored four free spins and one from the game despite being fielded by Brendan McCole. 7

Niall Loughlin

Showed great calm to score his goal after an intense and restrained first 10 minutes. Added two more points before being called ashore late. 8th


Emmet Bradley

As in the case of Monaghan, Bradley was the first sub introduced and he landed his usual point from the game. 7

Lachlan Murray

Replaced Benny Heron at the end of regular time and was keen to make an impression. A rising star of the Derry team and will see more playing time in the near future. 6.5

Ben McCarron

Brought fresh legs to the Derry side late but appeared to take a hit in extra time and was substituted. 5

Paul McNeill

Came on late for the hard-working Downey and looked confident in defence. 6

Donegal Player Ratings

Shaun Patton

Patton, who was often lauded for his heroics, was among his best on Sunday. He missed badly with an attempt from a free hit and his restarts were one hit and one miss. 6.5

Caolan Ward

Ward has been a paragon of consistency for Donegal in the Ulster Championship and Sunday was no exception. Kept Benny Heron scoreless and provided good support in attack. 7.5

Brendan McCole

Detailing to tag Shane McGuigan and framing their first half duel. McGuigan came into play more strongly after the break and McCole also conceded a few free-kicks. 6.5

Stephen McMenamin

Place Niall Toner on the backfoot by swinging forward several times in the first half. Happy that Sean Hurson was shown a yellow card and not a black card for a late cynical foul on McGuigan. 6.5

Eoghan Ban Gallagher

A top-notch operator, Gallagher sacrificed his attacking instincts to protect his full-back line. Donegal arguably needed more of his pace in the second half. 7

Odhran McFaddan Ferry

Finally got his chance to impress from the start and grabbed it with both hands. He took his goal well and was a constant threat on offense. 7.5

Caolan McGonagle

In midfield for Hugh McFadden and looked lively early on. Had a shot blocked against the post while another came up short but Mogan and O’Donnell scored. 6.5

Jason McGee

Against the in-form Conor Glass, McGee has likely broken even in his battle with the Derry ace. Knocked out two points but Glass was more influential in overtime. 7

Peadar Mogan

Almost single-handedly keeping Donegal’s challenge alive when Derry was at the helm. Knocked out three brilliant points and covered every blade of grass at St Tiernach’s Park. 8.5

Peadar Mogan, pictured in action against Derry's Conor Doherty, was Donegal's top player in the Ulster final
Peadar Mogan, pictured in action against Derry’s Conor Doherty, was Donegal’s top player in the Ulster final

Shane O’Donnell

He probably would have been disappointed with his performance against Cavan but would have gotten over it with a solid showing in the Ulster playoff. Scored two points from the game and connected well with his peers. 7

Michael Langan

Remained goalless in the second league game in a row. Langan is often guilty of picking the wrong option and kicked a bad foot wide at the end of the first half. His shot on target in the restart led to Donegal’s major but it was squarely on Lynch who should have retained possession. 5.5

Paddy McBrearty

Darren McCurry and Jack McCarron know what it’s like to have Chrissy McKaigue following you every step of the way. Paddy McBrearty struggled, as other top-flight forwards have, to escape from the Slaughtneil defender. Kicked two frees but didn’t get going from open play. 6

Michael Murphy

His result, putting his team ahead 1-11 to 1-10, was pure class. Still, it was a fleeting moment of brilliance on a day that saw Donegal take a full 70 minutes from their skipper. Brendan Rogers asked questions Murphy just didn’t have the answers to. 6

Jamie Brennan

Can’t match his excellent performance from the Cavan game. Conor McCluskey stuck to him like glue and the Bundoran native failed to fly a white flag all afternoon. 5.5


Conor O’Donnell

For Brennan in the closing stages of regular time, but to no effect. 5

Aaron Doherty

Fought well and converted to put Donegal ahead in the early stages of overtime. 6.5

Hugh McFadden

Donegal failed badly in its influence in the Ulster final. Substituted for McGee in extra time but couldn’t turn the game in his favor. 5.5

Ciaran Thompson

Dropped by a tactical switch by Donegal management. Kicked a good point in the introduction. 6

Paul Brennan

Not long enough to be rated.

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