Dacia Jogger – long-term review – Report No: 3 2022

Is the Dacia Jogger the ideal car for the French Alps?

When you have a Jogger, everyone wants to be you dude. On vacation in the French Alps, I’m forced to help a neighbor move an old washing machine to the dump and a couple of old gas cylinders to… wherever the French dispose of old gas cylinders, it’s best not to do too many questions. The Jogger swallows everything with ease, well south. My troubles pay me in cheese, which is by far the best form of payment.

The Alps, it turns out, are the country of Dacia. Sanderos, Dusters, Logans, some Lodgys (Lodgies? Either way, wow, that wasn’t an elegant creation), the mountains are full of them. And everyone wants to talk about the Jogger. When I say ‘everyone’, I mean ‘cool French men in their fifties, mostly’, but still, this budget minivan is truly a bigger talking point than any other supercar I’ve ever driven.

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Pretty much every time I stop, I’m accosted by a cheerful Thierry, or Christophe, or Philippe, wanting to know what it’s like. “Oui, c’est bonne. C’est three big!” it’s about the scope of my french car review chat, but it seems to be enough.

Even beyond its conversation starters, the Jogger proves to be the perfect ticket to a great vacation in France. I was concerned, especially with a trio of bikes on the roof, if its one-litre triple would feel a little…breathless on the motorway, but the Dacia held a steady 130km/h with ease, even with the additional resistance of a three. bike cap on top. (Pro tip: If you want to get the most fuel economy out of your Jogger, I don’t recommend the 130kmh combo and the three bike cycle hat.)

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Cars on the cheaper end of the spectrum can be a little… tiresome on the highway, a little windy, a little rough, a little noisy, but the Jogger is great. He’s fine, he doesn’t Quite swallow miles like a Bentley Continental, but can you fit a washing machine and a couple of massive gas cylinders in the Continental?

And I know I’ve mentioned it several times already, but I’m going to keep repeating it: the Jogger is really huge. With both back seats removed, its trunk swallowed another kid’s bike, plus everything a family of four needs for two weeks abroad, plus everything a family of four forgot they needed for two weeks abroad and then had to buy in the first supermarket, everything with cargo cover still in place.

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Yes, in unprecedented vacation scenes, what I saw in my rearview mirror was the road behind, rather than the traditional “vacation debris stuck against the back window.” Luxury comes in many forms, but don’t underestimate the fact that you can see out the back.

Oh man, I really like this car. At the risk of anthropomorphizing, the Jogger already feels like a true member of the family. And, like, a good family member at that, not some weird great-uncle with dodgy opinions and dodgy smell. He’s big, it doesn’t make sense, he’ll basically pay for himself with free cheese. What machine

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