Culinary-driven cocktails & late-night eats at downtown’s Nightjar

“It’s just the sweetest place.”

This is one in a series highlighting the past, present, and future of The Coronet, Meyer Avenue Cafe & Mercantile, and Nightjar. Read our articles “Celebrating a Love of Food and Connection to The Coronet” and “Downtown’s Hidden Gem, Meyer Avenue Cafe & Mercantile.”

We have all been there at least once. His stomach begins to growl in rhythm with late-night hunger, only to discover that many of Tucson’s restaurants have already closed their kitchens for the night. Picking up a paper bag of fast food from a drive-thru just isn’t enough when you crave the quality local restaurants serve up. However, not all of them stay open as late as we would like.

Luckily we have the Nighthawk and its late-night menu at 347 S. Meyer Ave.

The Nightjar is just one of three restaurants operated by Sally Kane, the crown Y Meyer Avenue Cafe being the other two, and its menu can be ordered until 11:30 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday and until 10:00 p.m. on Sunday. With the addition of movies projected on a big screen on Fridays and live music on Sundays, Kane just wants everyone to have fun while feeling well taken care of.

“It’s the sweetest place, and nothing warms my heart more than seeing so many people laughing and having fun in all the different spaces,” Kane said. “They’re really having fun.”

night bites

Entering the 160-year-old courtyard is a treat for the eyes: lots of greenery and overhead lights to create an environment worthy of documenting and sharing on social media. However, let’s prioritize our trip to the Nightjar as if we had a bad case of late night snacks

There is some amazing food coming out of Nightjar’s corner kitchen, reflecting the quality dished out by The Coronet. Make it a night to remember with dishes like Sausages and mashcanned seafood, red eye poutine — chips, gravy, cheese curds and mustard with the option of adding braised rabbit — and last but not least, the Crown Burger with a side of fries (some say some of the best fries in Tucson).

Thai mussels and grilled shrimp

Thai mussels and grilled shrimp

Those familiar with The Coronet’s menu will be pleased to learn that, thanks to Nightjar, they can order the Thai mussels and grilled shrimp to cure your late night cravings. With the addition of the Barrio Toast Slice, your hunger will subside, allowing for a nice boost in your energy level.

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unique cocktails

Delicious specialties expand far beyond food on the menu and are being incorporated into Nightjar’s new culinary craft cocktail program. Executive chef tanner fleming and bar manager Keila Herrington they have become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their contributions to the downtown cocktail scene.

“I’m a huge fan of Keila, as a human person and as a bartender,” Kane said. “I asked him to push the craft envelope on this because The Coronet tends to lean more towards classic cocktails. They are inspired by very old classic techniques and in this new menu, we are doing things like milk washes and infusions. Tanner and Keila have been working hand-in-hand to create this menu.”

Cocktails: Gembeard and Butler's Consort

Cocktails: Gembeard and Butler’s Consort

“Even though we have a culinary focus at Nightjar, you can still order cocktails that we serve at The Coronet,” Kane continued. “We’re going to say, ‘Absolutely.’ But let’s also say that we have six new cocktails. For example, there’s a champagne and watercress cocktail, it’s absolutely wonderful.”

that would be the fairy water, which is a glorious concoction made from prosecco, watercress, lemon, a wash of pastis, and orange bitters. Another standout on the cocktail menu is Your Black Black Heart. Usually this could be understood as being lifeless or emotionless, but trust us, it’s quite the opposite with the inclusion of Cafe Luce cold beer and Zubrówka.

Cocktail: Your Black Black Heart

Cocktail: Your Black Black Heart

“This espresso martini is delicious,” Kane said, regarding your black black heart. “Zubrówka is a super, super grassy vodka. Then you have Amaro Nonino, Lazaronni Amaro, and chocolate and mole bitters. So, a lot of things are coming out.”

Artisanal cocktail menu driven by gastronomy

  • fairy water – prosecco, watercress, lemon, pastis wash and orange bitters
  • butter worker – Mezcal washed with brown butter, Lucano Amaro and Aperol
  • Gembeard – Smith & Cross rum, macerated strawberry, Fernet, lime-coconut milk and lemongrass and lime foam
  • Butler’s Consort – Earl Gray clarified gin milk, lemon, simple syrup and lavender bitters
  • beauregard – port cask whiskey, cranberry fig syrup, sweet vermouth, lemon and egg whites
  • your black black heart – Zubrówka, Caffe Luce Cold Brew, Amaro Nonino, Lazaronni Amaro, Chocolate Bitters and Mole Bitters
Bar Manager, Keila Herrington

Bar Manager, Keila Herrington

Cocktails: Butter Worker and V Beauregard

Cocktails: Butter Worker and V Beauregard

Kane is so grateful for the love her staff has in making her dreams come true. From the moment Fleming and Herrington perfect the cocktails to being greeted by Nevin CornwellNightjar manager will remember your experience with the staff.

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And on the note of remembrance, Reverse Happy Hour is something you should put on your calendar soon.

EVENING HAPPY HOUR from 9pm to close

  • $6 house wine
  • $3 Special Model
  • $1 off craft beer
  • $2 off house spirits
  • $2 off canned seafood
  • $2 off Coronet Burger
  • #2 of Thai mussels
Friday night at Nightjar

There is also a Friday Night Movie Special, which consists of a bag of [POPPED] Artisanal Popcorn and a Special Model for $8. You may find their full movie schedule onlinewhich includes personalized summaries of each movie, not the synopsis found on IMDB or other movie-related databases.

Bar Manager, Keila Herrington

making your way

If you’ve never been to Nightjar after the sun goes down, it’s not hard to find at all. There are actually a couple of ways to maneuver your way to the yard. For one, you can come from Meyer Avenue. You’ll notice candles lighting your way up the stairs and, before that, a sign outside alerting people that the pub is open.

The other route you can take is from the east side parking lot. Pass the golf cart and you will find the main patio. Then from there you will see a lighted archway with a sign that says “Nightjar”.

“Once you get in, there’s a little treasure trove of nooks and crannies to be in,” Kane said. “I love seeing the place bubbly with so many different types of people, people of so many different ages, and people sitting near a corner playing games. There were these two women making out, laughing and whispering the other day. Then there was another crowd of people laughing loudly. This is what fills my heart. I feel like we’ve done something important and it gives people a special place to go, and they’re guaranteed to get great food and drinks. It’s magic.”

So if you’ve got an appetite for great late-night food, craft cocktails, movies, games like backgammon and cribbage, and an amazing patio experience, take a stroll down Cushing Street and Meyer Avenue before the rooster crows. .

The Nightjar is open from 5 pm to midnight (the kitchen closes at 11:30 pm) Thursday through Saturday and from 5 to 10 pm on Sunday.

The Nightjar is located at 347 S. Meyer Ave. For more information on the menu and movie listings, visit

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