China Tianying Inc. will use Honeywell’s UpCycle process technology

Extreme Protocol Solutions (EPS), a computer lifecycle and data wipe services company based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, has updated its EPS license server used for network boot wipe on laptops, desktops and servers. The server now supports automated ChromeOS cleaning, diagnostics, and updating of Chromebooks.

The company says the functionality provides various organizations, including corporations, recyclers, and IT asset disposal (ITAD) service providers, with secure and automated data sanitization capabilities for Chromebook devices.

“We’ve seen a huge shift to Chromebooks not only academically, but also as a cost-effective alternative for corporations whose remote workforces require the connectivity and collaboration capabilities Chromebooks are designed for,” says Brent Burkholder, Vice President EPS. . “As the market for these devices grows, so will the need to manage their end-of-use case before reusing or reselling them.”

Automating the process reduces the taps and time spent wiping each device, says EPS. It also enables automatic updating of the current ChromeOS to the latest available version without the need to re-image completely. Once the data has been sanitized, a signed secure erase certificate is automatically generated. The same data can be automatically uploaded into any database or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as digital proof of sanitization.

“Because this is so configurable, the process can vary anywhere from a minute or two to thirty minutes once you get into developer mode and start the solution,” says Roger Gagnon, president of EPS.

Gagnon says the new service not only wipes data, but also tests the CPU, memory, battery, and storage device to ensure the device meets all expectations for its next home. In addition, EPS now offers an integrated R2v3-compliant cosmetic classification that provides the information needed to wipe damaged systems, and does so with the same licenses used for its web-based wipe solution.

The price depends on the volume of licenses purchased. The same license can erase a laptop, desktop, server, network device, or Chromebook. Since the new offering uses the same license model as these other asset types, no additional investment is required until those licenses are exhausted, says EPS. For new customers, the cost of the service varies depending on the volume of licenses purchased and the capabilities used.

“All of our solutions and services are designed around the concept of reuse,” says Burkholder. “We strive to provide our customers with as many tools as possible to keep technology in the hands of users and out of landfills.”

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