Chelsea Film Festival Lineup Includes Six Israeli Shorts, Documentaries and Feature Films

Rona-Lee Shimon in “Why Didn’t I Report”. Photo: CFF.

The 10th Chelsea Film Festival (CFF) in New York City has announced its film lineup for this year’s event in October and includes six documentaries, shorts and narrative features by Israeli filmmakers.

Yonatan Simelgor’s narrative short film “Line of Contact” is about undercover Israeli soldiers and their wounded team leader who are trapped in their truck in enemy territory. Their survival mission is made even more complicated by their accomplice in the Gaza Strip whom they are not sure they can trust.

Assaf Gordon’s “All the Things I Wanted to Say,” which will premiere internationally at CFF, is about a former director who decides to make a final film about a traumatic event that took place during his service in Israel. army. He enlists Yiftach, a young man who recently finished his own mandatory military service, to write a song for his movie. Yiftach soon realizes that the film is about an incident that also affected his and his friends’ lives in the army, bringing back his own repressed memories of the harrowing experience.

The film also includes a love triangle but is mainly “about friendship, taking a chance, and trying to figure out what’s important in life,” according to its official CFF synopsis.

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September 23, 2022 8:17 a.m.

“Holy Holocaust”, by Osi Wald and Noa Berman-Herzberg, is a 17-minute animated documentary about Jennifer, a German woman who discovers that she is the black granddaughter of a famous Nazi commander, and how the revelation turns her life upside down and affects his close friendship with Noa, who is Israeli.

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Ronnie Zidon’s “Why Didn’t I Report” is a 13-minute crime drama starring “Fauda” star Rona-Lee Shimon as Dana, a crime reporter who names her rapist online. She is then questioned by a young policewoman “who must determine if Dana is a slanderer or a survivor”, but “once the station chief bursts in, the two women realize that Dana’s fate will be sealed in the courtroom. interrogations”, explains the synopsis of the film.

Malka Shabtay’s documentary “Nafkot — Yearning” focuses on an Israeli anthropologist who travels to meet a hidden Jewish community in northern Ethiopia and the latter’s story of survival. Another documentary, “The Adventures of Saul Bellow” by Asaf Galay, is about the life of the Pulitzer Prize-winning and Nobel Prize-winning Canadian-American novelist. Includes interviews with Bellow’s family and friends.

The Chelsea Film Festival this year will highlight 153 films from 29 countries. Official programming includes 27 feature films, 106 short films, 14 television series and pilots, and six virtual reality experiences from independent or emerging filmmakers.

CFF will hold its 10th edition in person at Regal Theaters on 14th St. in New York City from October 13-16 and virtually at FilmFestival+ from October 13-31.

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