Brand new games will provide HUGE competition for football’s biggest gaming franchise

FIFA 23 isn’t far behind, but it’s fair to say EA Sports’ recent outing won’t go unchallenged this year.

There is no better time to be a football fan and a player as there are a number of exciting new titles set to be released over the next few months/years.

From free-to-play outings to games that can challenge FIFA’s core audience, there’s stiff competition at the top of the market.


FIFA 23 is likely to remain at the forefront of the football game, with EA Sports offering the biggest and best license packs and overall gameplay.

FIFA 23 brings another year of improvements to the proven formula, with classic modes like Ultimate Team, Career Mode and VOLTA all poised for a facelift.

That being said, FIFA is now struggling with its own success and must constantly adapt to please its ever-growing audience.

FIFA has evolved impressively in recent years, but with new games and promising new takes, EA Sports may need to show its creativity more than ever.


First in our free-to-play list, GOALS is a brand new playset that offers something completely different in the football gaming market.

GOALS will offer a market similar to FIFA Ultimate Team, with the difference that all items will be owned entirely by the player.

The game’s official website states:

“Each asset will be fully owned by the player and freely traded in an open marketplace. When comparing GOALS to other soccer games, the choice is easy: experience better gameplay and get rewarded for your time. Play and earn.”

It’s not just the game’s free-to-play model that will challenge FIFA, Goals also has ambitions to dominate the esports/competitive gaming space.


eFootball, formerly Pro Evolution Soccer, has finally woken up after a terribly slow start.

Since moving to a free-to-play model, eFootball has walked the tightrope and wobbled and stuttered.

YOUR SQUAD, YOUR WAY – Dream Team has arrived in eFootball

Luckily, with the arrival of a major update, big improvements across the board have been made with Dream Team – an Ultimate Team-style mode – in the game.

Konami has always had a better grasp of the realistic aspects of the football game, and this is where efootball can really challenge FIFA 23’s crown.

After a difficult start, further updates and improvements will cement eFootball’s place as a real challenger.


UFL is a game with a lot of potential and already has an impressive portfolio of licenses and ambassadors.

From West Ham United to Rangers, Zinchenko to Ronaldo, this is another free-to-play game with the biggest prize in mind.

With much still to be revealed, this Strikerz In-developed game promises to do away with FIFA’s “pay-to-win” model and instead adopt an approach that excludes the use of loot boxes.

It remains to be seen if this game will have the longevity of others, but we’re sure it has enough potential to challenge FIFA 23.

Football manager 2023

From an unestablished player to one at the heart of the football gaming community, Football Manager is a game loved by many.

While the simulation experience isn’t for everyone, we know there’s an overlap between FIFA and FM players.

Because FM is a game deeply rooted in its passionate community, ideas and suggestions are often considered, giving fans the opportunity to really feel like they’re contributing to their favorite game.

While it won’t take away those gamers who enjoy holding a controller, Football Manager’s ever-increasing level will surely force FIFA to up its game.

EA Sports FC

The recently announced split between EA Sports and FIFA marked the birth of a new game, EA Sports FC.

EA Sports’ new franchise – after the end of FIFA as we know it – this brand new game will mix elements of classic FIFA with brand new innovations, with the developer promising to develop its portfolio of licenses and offer a richer experience to the player.

With FIFA yet to name the developer who will push the franchise forward from FIFA 23, the irony is that EA Sports will now be working to challenge their own release.

Competition is key, and each of these upcoming games should offer its own unique take on the beautiful game.

There’s no promise of quality or durability, but we can all conclude that there may never be a more exciting time for soccer players.

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