Bonnyrigg Football Club achievements recognized by Midlothian Council

At the first meeting of the newly elected councillors, the club’s success became the subject of its first motion as all three Bonnyrigg councilors congratulated the club.

Council members Derek Milligan, Diane Alexander and David Virgo urged the council to organize a formal celebration for the club to mark its admission to the Scottish Professional Football League. And they urged officials to meet with the club and local businesses and organizations to find ways to support him on his journey to the larger platform.

The club won promotion to SPFL League 2 after beating Cowdenbeath in a play-off earlier this month.

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New Dundas Park, home of Scottish League Two team Bonnyrigg Rose.

Councilor Milligan, who has volunteered with the club in the past, proposed the motion, saying the work of the committee, volunteers and players has been tremendous. He said: “One of the greatest achievements this club has ever had is moving to the Scottish Football League. The benefits will be not only for the club but also for the wider community.

“The economic benefits are fantastic and I think it’s great to be figuring out how we can bring better value to the wider community. However, with great benefits can also come challenges, and we urge officers to meet with Bonnyrigg Rose to see how we can best support them along the way.”

Newly elected Midlothian Provost Debbi McCall said she was “absolutely delighted” that Bonnyrigg Rose’s motion was the first to be put before the new council.

And she jokingly asked if she should show interest, with manager Robbie Horn saying, “I went to school with him.”

Councilor Alexander backed the motion, saying: “It is a great honor for Bonnyrigg to have a team in the football departments. It’s going to be great for Bonnyrigg, I know there will be challenges but I hope this brings great prosperity to all businesses especially the small ones.”

Councilor Virgo, who said he volunteers as a coach at the football academy, said: “Bonnyrigg Rose plays a huge role in the community. We look forward to working with them to make this work for everyone in Midlothian.”

The motion, which was passed unanimously, read: “Council are asked to recognize the fantastic performance of Bonnyrigg Rose AthleticFC in winning the league play-off final and thereby securing a place in the Scottish Football League and thus the first Midlothian team that ever plays in the national leagues.

“We ask the council to make appropriate arrangements to formally congratulate the club on this well-deserved achievement.

“Playing in the national leagues will bring both opportunities and challenges and we would therefore ask that officials meet not only with the club but also with local businesses, voluntary organizations and Police Scotland to explore how the council can support Bonnyrigg Rose in her journey through the Scottish football leagues and in maximizing business and growth opportunities in Bonnyrigg and across Midlothian.”

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