Blood & Honey Turns Children’s Story Into Fun Horror Show

The beloved bear we know and love is getting a dark horror movie. Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is reinventing the children’s book character into a serial killer story.

The indie horror title is currently in production by director Rhys Frake-Waterfield. This debut is a very interesting take, but fans already have mixed feelings about it. The cast includes Craig David-Dowsett as Winnie, with Chris Cordell as Piglet. Other characters include a “Caged Man” and a “Mutilated Woman”.


The original Winnie the Pooh first became popular in the year 1926 when the collection of picture books The House at Pooh’s Corner which AA Milne wrote with illustrator EH Shepard. The Ravenous Bear became a household name in 1961, thanks to Walt Disney turning children’s books into a series of movies, which have continued into recent years.

Take a look below at some of the recently released images and see what you think of the twist on a much-loved children’s classic.

Winnie The Pooh loves blood now as much as a honey

winnie the pooh blood and honey

The film is being made by London-based Jagged Edge Productions, which also made The Curse of Humpty Dumpty Y The Legend of Jack and Jill. They had a head start by putting on a bloody take on childhood stories, but how can they make this movie?

Winnie the Pooh is a big character for Disney right now after the studio turned AA Milne’s classic children’s books into a movie collection and the recent Christopher Robin movie. Disney had special rights to the character, but Milne’s work entered the public domain earlier this year, meaning anyone can now adapt these classic characters as they see fit. We didn’t expect it to get dark so quickly.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey turns a bedtime story into a horror show - The Illuminerdi

Details are small about the movie and without an official synopsis we still don’t know what the movie is about. The director gave a little hint by saying that the pair of best friends are looking for food, which became scarce after Christopher left for college. We don’t know if that’s a plot clue, but we can tell through the photos.

The images look like Winnie and Piglet will be killers wearing the characters’ iconic masks. The film’s IMDB page states that it is “A horror retelling of the famous legend of Winnie the Pooh.” We will definitely keep an eye on this movie and see how it turns out. You know it’s not every day you see Winnie the Pooh with a hammer and Piglet helping him kill for food.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey turns a bedtime story into a horror show - The Illuminerdi

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey It took us by surprise and had fans blowing up Twitter by voicing their opinion on this movie. Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Will it retroactively sour your vision of the lovable honey-loving bear that Disney showed off all these years? Guess we’ll find out soon and keep you posted on the latest with the chubby bear and the little pig. Tell us in the comments or on our social networks!


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